New Tops for your computer desks and computer tables

1. Old Tops with
... Old Technology

A few years ago, your computer labs were state-of-the-art. Computer technology changes fast. Now it's time to change out all those big cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors and older 4:3 ratio LCDs with widescreen LCDs.

Don't you wish you could just get new desktops?

New Tops replace your old computer desk tops and computer tables

2. No Tops with
... No Technology

Your existing table legs or desk base cabinets are probably in great shape!

No need to replace base systems that are still structurally sound.

We will have you make notes and measurements about how your cabinets or legs attach to your old tops. You can provide us that info on the form below.

Click here for graph paper
so you can make notes.

Your Old bases are still good as new!

3. NewTops™ with
... New Technology!

What kind of replacement top
do you want?

What would you like installed?

When you complete this quote request form, you can tell us what type of top and equipment you want to include.

NewTops™ are made to fit table legs or computer desk bases.

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Let's Get Started!

There are several questions that we need answered to determine the feasibility of success and your satisfaction of our "NewTops™ for your bottoms" concept.

  • If your requirement includes our flipIT® product, we will need to verify that your existing base or leg system will permit the installation of our flipIT mechanism. Include this information with your price quote request, and we will submit a budget quote for your consideration. You may contact us at anytime throughout the process to discuss your project with our sales representative.

  • When you have approved our budget quote, we will send you a reusable container for your old top or tops (if you have multiple sizes) to ship to us to use as a pattern. If your existing desk was originally purchased from CBT/SMARTdesks, we will not require a top to be sent.

  • Upon receipt of your top, we will ship you one set of replacement tops to verify that locations for fasteners are correct and/or make any changes that may be required. Once you sign off on final top, we will put your order in production to complete.


What type of top?:

Laminate with PVC Edge

NewTops™ PVC edge band replacement top

From Water Bottles to Desktop Finishes

NewTops™ is a GREEN approach to upgrading your classroom computer desks. Why not use beautiful, long-lasting, scratch-resistent P.E.T. Foil as your finish choice?

Made from recycled plastics, such as water bottles, P.E.T. Foil is an environmentally friendly finish that is gentle to the earth's environment and safe for people.

It's a high performance product that nobody would ever suspect was anything else before it became a beautiful desktop.

See Specs

PET Foils for Newtops

PET Foil Contoured Edge


• Specify PET Foil Contour Top Color


Length Width Quantity
Make... Model No.

Length Width Quantity
Make... Model No.

Length Width Quantity
Make... Model No.

Length Width Quantity
Make... Model No.

You may find a label on the underside of the table or modesty panel that has the original manufacturer's name and product model number.

This information is not essential, but the dimensions are important.


FAX a sketch to:
Design Studio
Fax: 877-620-7411

Download a sample plan and graph paper to use.

I will FAX my plan

Upload Option:

Make digital photos and send us JPG files. After completing the form, you will be given the option to upload files.
These are the types we can accept:


Project Information

...please write
your comments here:

Are there any products you saw that you are interested in? Besides NewTops™ for your classrooms, you may require conference tables, podiums, seating and other furniture. Use this space to give us a narrative about your project.

flipIT® Specifications:

flipIT K23

Do you want flipIT® products installed?

If yes, please complete the following:

No. of single user tops No. of double user tops No. of triple user tops

LCD Support System:

flipIT FIK19 with Keyboard Tray, for 20" widescreen monitors up to 19.5" case width

flipIT FIK23 with Keyboard Tray, for 24" widescreen monitors up to 23" case width

flipIT Laptop Safe FIK18, chamber dimensions 16" (406mm)w x 11.375" (289mm)d x 2.5" (63mm) thick.

flipIT Laptop Safe FIK23, chamber dimensions 22.25" (565mm) w x 14.625" (371mm) x 2.5"(63mm) thick.

LCD Arm Options:

Model 7500 Series
Floating Flat Panel Arm

The award-winning 7500 Radial Arm is a remarkable work tool. Effortlessly position your monitor exactly where you want it, and add flexibility to your work style. Suspend your flat panel above the desk surface and reclaim your valuable space. Innovative cable management routes cable inside the arm, in order to keep your desk organized. You’ll never work the old and cluttered way again!


7500 Series Monitor Arm
  • Reposition the monitor with one hand – no knobs to turn
  • Extends up to 27", folds to just 3", vertical range of 18"
  • Tilt monitor up to 200 degrees
  • Includes FLEXmount ™ – six different mounting options in one kit
  • Compatible with all VESA® monitors – includes 75mm and 100mm VESA® mounting plates
  • Includes cable management system – cables concealed in arm

Humanscale Logo

Top mounted, single monitor

M4 adjustable and fixed links,
two-piece low-profile clamp,
slim post.

  • Extended 11" range of finger-tip height adjustment
  • Accommodates monitors weighing
    from 5 to 20 lbs.
  • Small desktop footprint maximizes usable space
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Made from 80% recycled and 95% recyclable material
  • 10-year warranty
Humanscal M4 LCD Arm
  • VESA compatible
  • 360° monitor rotation
  • 160° vertical angle range
  • 200° lateral angle range
  • Steel and die-cast aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Pneumatic cylinder supports 5 lb. to 20 lb. monitors
  • Powder coat finish
  • Comes standard with 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets
  • 10-year warranty

Power Data Grommets

for each user station, if desired:

FC600 Laptop Surge Protector Computer Cable Connection Box

See Specs

FC620 Laptop Surge Protector Computer Cable Connection Box

See Specs

FC727 Power Data Computer Cable Connection Box

With Retracting Lid

See Specs

1202P 2 user power data Computer Cable Connection Box

See Specs

Computer Cable Connection Box

See Specs

Computer Cable Connection Box

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