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  • Computer Conference Table Pianot 10 for Collaboration using technology
    The centerpiece for your conference room or collaboration space
    Piano Duet 14 is like two Piano Solo 7s back to back. Its distinctive diamond shape brings focus to the experience of collaboration and communication. The multi-use flipIT® Monitor Mount or Laptop Safe delivers information to each user's personal space, and can be instantly stowed when the presenter uses other communication materials. Large displays can serve the presentation needs to serve the group. Small form factor CPUs and, conference phones, cameras and connectivity can be organized in the central technology well, under two signature Piano lids.
  • Take the driver's seat
    A natural, supercharged leadership position at either end of the Piano Duet. Non-confrontational posturing on both sides.Open lines of sight throughout the space. Technology available for focus, or instantly flipped into the table when the focus needs to change, as directed. Not only that, SMARTdesks custom designed and manufactured the cabinets, credenzas, the podium—and provided the seating for this space.
  • Interior designers, architects, IT integrators and project managers please take notice…
    Ask our design team to customize our podiums, cabinets and credenzas—nuanced for your space, design choices and technology. Consider your needs and let us develop a floor plan or space plan with you that includes the media storage and presentation furniture you require. We can schedule a session at your convenience to explore possibilities. Drop us a note and describe what you have in mind.

Piano14 Duet Conference Table for Collaboration

The Piano14 Conference Table, by SMARTdesks, offers the perfect shape for collaboration, open lines of sight, and natural leadership presentation positions. The flipIT monitor supports present data screens with maximum comfort. And if the screens are not needed—away they go!

Work with our team to select the right model for your space. Select the Piano Sonata thermofoil finish or Piano Concerto combination of laminates, veneers and wood edge detailing.

Size | Space Requirements

  • Piano14 Duet flipIT®: 14 stations
    Min Room Size: 26 ft. 6 in. x 15 ft. 6 in.


Piano conference table brochure

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