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  • Computer Conference Table Pianosolo 5 for Collaboration using technology Turn your "bored room" into a technology forward collaboration suite Piano Solo 5 is scaled to fit most conference rooms, but its unique shape supercharges the experience of collaboration and communication. The multi-use flipIT® Monitor Mount or Laptop Safe brings information to each user's personal space. Large displays can serve the presentation needs to serve the group. And for one camera, one screen teleconferencing, the Piano Solo 5 is ideal: all faces are in view of the camera, the conference phone is centrally located, and flipIT® screens never interfere with eye contact within the space and the camera. Some prefer to have an additional flipIT® at the base of the triangle, which is the 5+1 configuration. Small form factor CPUs and, conference phones, cameeras and connectivity can be organized in the central technology well, under the signature Piano lid. A Mobile Stacker CPU Cabinet may also be specified to fit under the base end.
  • More collaboration in a larger space Scaled to add one more user space to each side. The Piano Concerto finish group is a mixture of laminates or veneer with stained wood edge moulding. When you enter the space where a Piano conference table resides, expect the unexpected. The atmosphere is set-- we will be talking about new approaches; we will be seeking communication and understanding to build a consensus. We will not be falling asleep in yet another boring board room meeting. Whatever topic is on the table, Piano—the table—lets you get more from every session. Equipped with flipIT® monitor mounts or laptop safes, reference data is instantly accessible and sharable. The additional position is shown in the diagram for the 7+1 configuration. A Mobile Stacker CPU Cabinet may also be specified to fit under the base end.
  • Piano--a conferencing instrument for collaboration Piano Sonata 9 is set with 9 flipIT® monitor mounts, which connect to small form factor CPUs that are stored in the technology well under the triangular Piano lid. Small devices may be stored in the technology well, and if they have cords, there is a wire-way under the lid to allow cables to pass through. The Sonata designation means that the top is finished in 3D thermofoil and has contoured self edges. Because less hand work is involved, the Sonata costs less; however, it performs just as well as its Concerto counterpart. The diagram shows up to two flipIT workstations may be added to the base end: Piano Solo 9+2.

Piano Solo Conference Table for Collaboration

Piano Conference Tables, by SMARTdesks, have the perfect shape for collaboration with people and technology. Ideal for teleconferencing with one screen and one camera: All faces are in view, and the flipIT monitor supports present data screens with maximum comfort. And if the screens are not needed—away they go!

Work with our team to select the right model for your space. Select the Piano Sonata thermofoil finish or Piano Concerto combination of laminates, veneers and wood edge detailing.

Sizes | Space Requirements

  • Piano Solo 5 + 1 flipIT® stations Seats 12
    Min Room Size: 15 ft. 6 in. x 14 ft. 6 in.
  • Piano Solo 7 + 1 flipIT® stations Seats 15
    Min Room Size: 18 ft. 6 in. x 15 ft. 6 in.
  • Piano Solo 9 + 2 flipIT® stations Seats 16
    Min Room Size: 21 ft. 6 in. x 16 ft. 6 in.


Piano conference table brochure

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