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Piatto Rectangular Custom Conference Tables
  • Active Learning Classroom space at University of Notre Dame
    This project at University of Notre Dame started with flipIT®

    Flexibility was designed into the space from the ground up. The 70-seat space contains all-in-one PCs mounted into the desktops, along with 22 large-scale video displays and eight high-definition laser projectors. When not used for class, the space is available for use as a digital commons with a total of 11 huddle spaces (six seats per table).

    Even with so many widescreen video displays, giving each student clear line of sight to a video display from any of the 70 seats in the room was a challenge. Putting the all-in-ones on monitor stands would have created unacceptable visual obstructions. Monitor arms would create even more visual noise. Mounting the displays below was not practical on a number of levels: glare from overhead lighting, distance from eye to display screen, and ergonomics. The answer came in the form of the flipIT from SMARTdesks: it permitted the user to rotate the all-in-one into position when needed, and stow it underneath the desktop when not in use. It had the added bonus of allowing full access to the desk surface for BYOD options.
  • Detail of Piatto rectangular computer conference tables, custom designed with flipIT monitor mounts andAV controllers
    Custom design for AV and IT integration

    Each table has an A/V rack for power and data, and three stations down the middle of the space include pop-up TV screens. "We were going for a multi-faceted approach,” said Nick Page, Ed Tech Manager for the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. “The user doesn't have to use the computer one-on-one, and the screen can just be flipped out of the way. A person can use a laptop, a poster board, or whatever. You can do individual work or scale up and do group work. Work during lab hours, where the professor doesn't have to have the whole system turned on. People can just come in, ad hoc, to a collaboration session. We also have the ability to go wireless in this room. You can do the whole classroom experience: the professor can present, or make the experience small group collaborative and pick and choose different individuals' machines from around the room. We put in every option we could, budget allowing."
  • Piatto custom designed for MTA's video conference room
    Maryland Transit Authority Video Conference Room

    The MTA's piatto was designed with veneer and traditional edge molding stained to match. The flipIT® monitor mounts have matching lids. This shows two views of the same space, with flipiT® monitors up and closed. Screens do not obstruct the line of sight between people, screens and camera.

    SMARTdesks also designed and manufactured the credenza under the main screen to complement the finish choice of the table. Consider the inclusion of podium, cabinets, and other case goods to complete your space.
  • Piatto for Severn Bank Corp
    Our stain for this table had to match the existing kitchen cabinets.

    Our client's priorities were to make this training suite professional, clean and co-ordinated. They chose flipIT® monitor mounts so the focus of the training could be flexible, and the space could be used as a traditional conference room without computers. All of the CPUs, power and data cables were hidden from view in the keel of this base structure. Clean and co-ordinated.

    The trick to matching veneer stain to the High Pressure Laminate in the kitchen area of this space was education. HPL is a printed paper that is laminated. It looks like wood, but it does not have the internal grain structure that wood has. Our veneer selection page shows the same sample being turned 90-degrees to the same light source, and it doesn't match itself!
  • Piatto rectangular conference table with radius corners
    Rectangle with radius corners softens the design

    Consider this option, especially if you are in a tight space. Radius corners make the space friendlier.

    This design incorporates power data troughs down the center. Explore the customizable power data troughs and pop-ups we offer.
  • Piatto rectangle design with open center
    This rectangular design is actually a tight U shape...

    This is an idea starter. You could have flipIT® mounts or laptop safes. The microphones might be handled differently-–even overhead and out of the way. The center might be open, as shown, or closed-in with power and data troughs. You might spread the sides and change the head of the table to a trapezoid to make an A shape. Lots of possibilities.
  • Formal Piatto rectangular conference table
    How would you change this to make it right for your space?

    You have options. If veneer and wood edge molding is too rich for your budget, we can offer a similar look with High Pressure Laminate and polyurethane moulded edge. Still too rich? How about HPL and PVC edge. Simple. Functional. Better for high traffic and institutional use.

    Do you have a power data trough running down the middle? Do you install flipIT® workstations so you can use the space for maximum data visualization, or as a traditional conference room? Do you have special AV requirements that need to be customized? All options are on the table.

Piatto Rectangular Custom Conference Tables

The sky's the limit. We are presenting some ideas here to overcome the blank page. To best serve your interest, we suggest sending us a design request with the room dimensions and some objectives that are important to you. Let's schedule a call with our designers and develop a vision together.

Completely Custom!

  • Scale to any size space
  • Style and detail modern contemporary to traditional conference table design/li>
  • Surfaces finished in 3D Thermofoil, High Pressure Laminate, Veneer
  • Bases can be panel with wire-way keel, cube, drum, metal
  • Edges trimmed in 3mm PVC, molded polyurethane, molded hardwood stained to suit
  • Custom cutouts for power-data-AV troughs, pop-ups, controllers, microphones
  • View our Power-Data trough and pop-up options
  • Add flipIT® monitor mounts or laptop safes to place screens for data visualization and without obstructing sight lines. Transforms a technology conference table into a traditional one in seconds.
  • Detail internal wire management

Consider the entire space:

Add co-ordinating podium, monitor lift credenza, storage case goods and rack mount cabinets.

Piatto Rectangular completely custom made conference tables


What is the right scale for your space? Explore this guide of possibilities.

Piatto floor plan guide

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