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Piatto™ Laminate Patterns and Woodgrain Selections

piatto Computer Conference Table Boat with Cube Base


piatto computer conference tables for collaboration

Wood grain and pattern laminates for the top surfaces, and solid wood edging.

Swatches shown are Web reproductions and differ from the actual product colors because every computer monitor is set differently and cannot reproduce every color exactly. SMARTdesks will not be held liable for color decisions approved solely on the basis of web color representations, and such contracts are binding based on laminate manufacturer’s colors specified. For critical color decisions, please request and approve actual finish or fabric samples to complete your order. Click Here to request samples.

Piatto tables typically have wood edges that are stained to match or contrast with the laminate choice. Stains and wood species are subject to individual design requirements. Discuss whether you want your wood edge molding to match or contrast lighter or darker relative to your laminate selection. Our experienced conference table artisians will help you make good decisions.

Leatherlam® Blotter Colors (optional for flipIT Lids)

FlipIT Lids are typically made of the same laminate as the top selection. The flipIT lids can be surfaced in a contrasting laminate color, or black.

NL010 Caviar
NL010 Caviar
NL020 Chocolate
NL020 Chocolate
NL 040Oasis
NL 040 Oasis
NL030 Bordeaux
NL030 Bordeaux
NL050 Cashmere
NL050 Cashmere
Woodgrain Laminates for Top, flipIT Lids, and Base
WB-294T Crown Cherry
Crown Cherry
WM8-350T Carmel Sagawood
Carmel Sagawood
W8-325T Sovereign Cherry
Sovereign Cherry
W8343PV Crest Mahogany
Crest Mahogany
WM-000ST Siren Maple
Siren Maple
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Nevamar W8351 Fine Sycamore
Fine Sycamore
W8-352V Regency Mahogany
Regency Mahogany
W8-371T Grand Isle Maple
Grand Isle Maple


AT-121 Moroccan Fresco
AT-121 (P)
Moroccan Fresco
AV-771 Agean Fresco
AV-771 (P)
Agean Fresco
AT-341 Here Comes the Sun
AT-341 (P)
Here Comes the Sun
WX-4111 Good Day Sunshine
WX-411 (P)
Gooday Sunshine
AT-151 Rhinestone Cowboy
AT-151 (P)
Rhinestone Cowboy
4745-60 Marooochy Brush
4745-60 (W) NEW
Maroochy Brush
4744-60 Karratha Brush
4744-60 (W) NEW
Karratha Brush
4821-60 Barcoo Brush
4821-60 (W)
Barcoo Brush
4823-60 Antique Brush
4823-60 (W)
Antique Brush
4822-60 Beryl Brush
4822-60 (W)
Beryl Brush
AT-971 Antique Cirrus
AT-971 (P)
Antique Cirrus
AV-731 Celedon Impression
AV-731 (P)
Celedon Impression
AV-741 Slate Impression
AV-741 (P)
Slate Impression
AG-281 Storm Cirrus
AG-281 (P)
Storm Cirrus
AG-471 Cinder Gray Concrete
AG-471 (P)
Cinder Gray Concrete
AG-371 Cardamom Fiber
AG-371 (P)
Cardamom Fiber
AG-291 Gray Santos
AG-291 (P)
Gray Santos
AP-321 Amethyst Impression
AP-321 (P)
Amethyst Impressions
AV-751 Celery Fiber
AV-751 (P)
Celery Fiber
AT-301 Beige Linen
AT-301 (P)
Beige Linen
AG-331 Stonedust Crepe
AG-331 (P)
Stonedust Crepe
AT-383 Parchment
AT-383 (P)
AV-841 Evergreen Tapestry
AV-841 (P)
Evergreen Tapestry
AB-191 Blue Sandstone
AB-191 (P)
Blue Sandstone
AT-261 Camel Raffia
AT-261 (P)
Camel Raffia
AG-431 Gray Linen
AG-431 (P)
Gray Linen
AT-281 Copper Mesh
AT-281 (P)
Copper Mesh
Chili fiber AO101 Pionite
AO-101 (P)
Chili Fiber
AT-141 Mr Sandman
AT-141 (P) NEW
Mr Sandman
7743-58 Industrial Tread
7743-58 (F) NEW
Industrial Tread
7742-58 Titanium Tread
7742-58 (F) NEW
Titanium Tread
7741-58 Buffed Nickel
7741-58 (F) NEW
Buffed Nickel
7740-58 Buffed Aluminum
7740-58 (F) NEW
Buffed Aluminum
AG-251 Gray Spektrum
AG-251 (P)
Gray Spektrum 
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