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Necre Conference Table Power Data Port

  • Necre Conference Table Power Data Port

    Pop up access to power and USB, HDMI and more. Configured in 4 spaces. Shown: cat6, USB Charging for 2 users and 2 power.

  • Necre Conference Table Power Data Port
    The next generation of flexible desktop power and data solutions for executive and institutional work station applications. Necre is highly functional with a fluid, one touch door that remains open during use.

  • Necre Conference Table Power Data Port

    Retractable and durably constructed, Byrne’s Modular High Output convenience outlets are highly functional with a fluid one-touch door that remains open during use.

Necre Power Data Pop Up for Conference Tables

Subtle. Or sophisticated. Maybe even snazzy. But always so stylish. From feel to color and pattern. Nacre's customizable top - trimmed with a high-gloss plastic finish - is all about creative expression. And just below the surface, Nacre pops up to reveal a dynamic range of power, data and USB configurations - including the 2 port, 2 AMP per port, USB duplex that allows users to charge tablets or other USB-friendly electronics. Nacre is a member of the MyPower family, bringing customizability to a new level. Nacre is UL listed and is available in 15 AMP cord.

General Specifications

  • High gloss plastic finish.
  • In-surface orientation for clean aesthetics.
  • Removable top surface that can be customized for both business and personal purposes.
  • Available 2amp USB duplex (1amp per port) ideal for charging two tablets and other USB friendly electronics.
  • Various configurations of power, data and USB.
  • Configurations with four or more power receive a Circuit Breaker Cord
  • UL Listed
  • Available with Byrne spill-proof simplexes.


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