Presence Podium

Adjustable Height, Mobile
Laptop Computer Podium

The Presence Laptop Podium is an adjustable height podium with casters, so the podium may be moved to center stage, and later, stored out of the way. Podium doubles as an AV technology cart with rack mount equipment bay. flipIT® Laptop Safe or Convertible Desktop K19 may be installed into podium top for additional benefits.    

The Presence Podium is height adjustable so every presenter is served with commanding stature. Contoured, solid top with hand holds. Laptop is served with data connections through flexible conduit.



Presence AV Podium, and adjustable height Laptop Podium

Available with one or two pull-up shelves for document camera and projector stand (specify number of shelves desired). Rack mount storage bay.Cubbie holes for books, water bottles, small accessories. Electronic combination lock on user side, locking removable access door on reverse side. Shown with optional flexible conduit for base cabinet. 5" locking casters for mobility on any indoor surface.

Digital Combination Lock for Presence Podium AV Rack Mount Bay

Codelock electronic combination lock is standard for the Presence Podium. Combination may be reset frequently for added security.


Presence Laptop Podium with benefits


flipIT Laptop Safe installed in Presence Laptop Podium top deck.

flipIT® Convertible Desktops

Adjustable height, contoured, top with hand holds with flipIT® Products installed: L18 for Laptop Safe and K19 for flip monitor mechanism. Laptop or LCD is served with data connections through flexible conduit.


Presence AV laptop Podium with door removed to show equipment storage capacity

The approach side locking door is removed to show the rear acces to the rack mount bay. Side structures contain the adjustable height mechanism for top. Flexible conduit serves both sides of the bay and cables may pass from the floor to the bay in three places, as well. 6-outlet power strip with remote switch is mounted to black panel spanning top of the bay.

How to place power and data everywhere without lumps, bumps or core drilling:

Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system to go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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