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Liquid Chalk SystemĘ Marker Boards

LCS® Liquid Chalk Porcelain Enamel Surface combines every advanced feature of modern porcelain enameling technique. By carefully

Liquid Chalk Marker Boards
controlling methods, the enamel is applied to a uniform thickness and fired under ridgidly controlled temperatures to fuse the porcelain permanently to the steel. This produces the LCS® long-lasting, colorfast and highly scratch and stain resistant surface.
LCS® is made of 24 gauge steel sheets and is manufactured in accordance with the Performance Specifications for porcelain enamel steel chalkboards.

Features and Benefits:

Available in white and four, glare-reducing pastel colors - standard
Trim and trough standard in satin-finished, extruded aluminum
Powder-coated finishes in 24 standard & custom colors - optional
Solid wood trim & trough - oak, mahogany, walnut and custom - optional
Custom sizes and sheets for full wall paneling available
Accepts magnets and magnetic aids
Goes on wet - dries instantly - can be removed with a standard eraser

Porcelain-On-Steel Marker Board Colors




Light Gray

Soft pastel colored enamel finishes help to minimize reflected glare.

Wall-Mount | Std. Sizes with Satin Aluminum Trim
Item# CL8-06L CL8-12L CL8-16L CL8-24L
Size 2' X 3' 3' X 4' 4' X 4' 4' X 6'
Item# CL8-32L CL8-40L CL8-48L CL8-64L
Size 4' X 8' 4' X 10' 4' X 12' 4' X 16'
Wall-Mount | Std. Sizes w/Oak, Mahogany or Walnut Trim
Item# CL2-16L CL2-24L CL2-32L CL2-40L CL2-48L
Size 4' X 4' 4' X 6' 4' X 8' 4' X 10' 4' X 12'
Mobile/Free-Standing/Reversible | Std. Sizes & Pricing
Satin Aluminum w/Casters
Item# CL9-12L CL9-18L CL9-24L

Size 3' X 4' 3.5' X 5' 4' X 6'

Natural Oak w/Casters
Item# CL3-12L CL3-18L CL3-24L

Size 3' X 4' 3.5' X 5' 4' X 6'

We will accommodate your desire for custom. Ask us.

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