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Qstar V Computer Conference Tables

Conference Table System is built with Quark™ Mobile Computer Tables that dock into Qstar. Conference Tables are uniquely designed for Telepresence, Teleconferencing, and Video Conferencing. Laptops are integrated into mobile computer table modules of the conference table. Quark™ are individual conference tables that may be grouped informally at any location for meetings and conferences. Qstar™ makes a more formal conference room table setting in a defined conference room space.

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Conference Tables for Teleconferencing by CBT SMARTdesks

Computer Conference Table

for Telepresence, Teleconferencing,
Video Conferencing and Collaboration

Qstar™ is a computer conference table system that links together Quark™ Mobile Computer Tables.

Not a boring board room conference table, Qstar™ brings laptops into play with flipIT® Laptop Safes. Quark™ Mobile Computer Tables dock into power and data connections, so each member can network face-to-face and on-line.

For Telepresence, place HD video camera for best effect. The laptop screens and flipIT® Laptop Safes are at a low profile so they won't interfere with teleconferencing camera angles. The visual interest of the Qstar™ will make the end points you engage with wish they had your creative flair and mastery of this revolutionary medium for personal HD networking.

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Sitting or standing? flipIT Laptop Safes?

Quark™ Mobile Computer Table

flipIT® Laptop Safe US Patent No. 7,757,612

Conference Table Center Pedestals

Qstar™ Conference Table Pedestals dock with Quark™ Mobile Laptop Computer Tables at 30" height for sitting or 36" for standing. The Qstar™ is not height adjustable. It is a fixed height pedestal.

Sit or Stand Conference Table System Qstar™

Conference Tables for Teleconferencing by CBT SMARTdesks

Wire Management for Quark™
Teleconference Table System

The Qstar™ Pedestal Column has wire management ports at top and bottom. Power strips are surface mounted to the conference table top. WireWonder™ Cable Managers on the Quark™ Mobile Computer Tables hold the laptop transformer. Excess wire is wrapped around WireWonder™ for a neat installation. Transfomer is easily removed to go with the laptop user when laptop is removed from the laptop safe.

Wire Management for Qstar Teleconference Table
iPod served by USB from Qstar™ Conference Table Column Pedestal

Customize the Qstar™ Column Pedestal to Serve Your Connectivity Requirements

Two iris openings hold the ends of cable connectors, ready to extend an connect. The center telecom plate can be customized with any connector you specify.

Qsar™ Conference Table Column Pedestal serving RJ-45 and DVI
Quark logo for Mobile Computer TAble products by CBT-SMARTdesksMobile Computer TablesQuark™ mobile laptop computer table



Perfect for media centers, meeting rooms and commons areas where informal group activities and independent study can take place without extensive advance preparation. Use sitting and standing for meetings and study sessions. Adjusts to any speaker for effective presentations. Outfitted for group docking and umbilicals for power and data.

Quark™ easily fits through 36-inch doorways. Height adjust from 28" for sitting to 36" for standing in one-inch increments. Cup holder and pencil tray recesses are provided for convenience.

mobile computer table movie
Comfort contoured handles aid steering. Five dual-wheel, locking, carpet casters provide stability, mobility, and a smooth ride. The flipIT® 18 Laptop Safe secures laptops under lock and key, supplying connections to power and data even while laptop is stored.

Quark logo for Mobile Computer TAble products by CBT-SMARTdesks

Mobile Laptop Computer Table lets you…

Sit. Stand. Move.

Laptops give you the freedom to work anywhere. Quark™ gives you the comfortable support you need everywhere! The flipIT® Laptop Safe lets you store the laptop securely while you leave the room. Quark™ rolls to your work space, your spot in a classroom or your place in a Qstar™ collaboration group. You may stand to present while others remain seated. Informal groups may be formed. You may go to a place of privacy to work undisturbed.

Quark gives you the freedom to work in comfort… anywhere!


mobile laptop table in standingg position mobile laptop table in sittingg position

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