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SMARTdesks new generation classroom desks
for laptops, iPads, and touch screens:
Quint …essential for flexible arrangement collaborative learning groups

Quint is the new five-sided cornerstone for classroom design, creating new formations for collaborative learning groups in flexible arrangement. A small, space-efficient footprint is exceptional for smaller classrooms. Options for user height, adjustable height, seated or standing and mobility make Quint essential for progressive classroom design. Technologically compatible with iPad, Kindle, touch screens and more!

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Quint Classroom Collaboration Tables for iPad, Kindle, Touch Screens

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BALTIMORE, MD — March 14, 2013

First exhibited at the LEXPO 2013 in Orlando, Florida, Quint Collaboration Tables bring fresh approaches to classroom design for K-12, University and business collaboration spaces. The five-sided tops build a mosaic of groupings organic to the way people arrange themselves for collaboration, independent study and presentation. Quint’s small footprint is perfect for putting more people in a small space, offering flexible arrangement for small group interaction—overcoming the fixed nature of the usual, rectangular classroom computer desks, laptop desks and conference tables.
Want to design a classroom? The criteria for the unique design brings together five pillars for creating a collaboration space: teaching methods, personal interaction, ergonomic human factors, IT / technology integration, and esthetics. Teaching methods may also be defined as the outcome goal for the group, which may be strategy, training, consensus building, creative development.  The methods used might be lecture/demonstration, guided experiences, conference, etc.  The personal interaction might be face-to-face in small groups, shifting to lecture/demonstration, shifting to individual focus. Ergonomic human factors might include the table height, the personal space, the proximity to others in a group setting, and the elimination of visual obstructions in a classroom setting.  IT/ Technology Integration issues may be the use of interactive whiteboards, iPads, Kindles, Laptops, wireless or ethernet connections, connectivity to power.  Esthetics set the tone for bring together people with a purpose.  Quint creates a unique, progressive feeling, giving people an elevated sense of purpose. They increase the intensity of their energy on task, feeling empowered to express themselves and make themselves open to understanding.


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Quints are individual, mobile work spaces that are arranged to form flexible work groups for any number of participants. Quint is the essential system to implement the many ways collaborative learning is being implemented. Learn More

Quint creates a unique, progressive feeling,
giving people an elevated sense of purpose.

Quint’s five-sided tops have equal facets, allowing them to engage with other tops in multiple ways, both in rows and on-facing in groups of 2, 3, 4. Quint can be assembled in yet larger circles, U shapes, panels and conference arrangements. Quints are on floor glides or locking casters for mobility and flexible arrangement. They are available in heights appropriate for adults and children.  Height adjustable options are available using more affordable spring clip adjustment, or more responsive ratchet action.  People may sit at the same height, sit or stand at a height appropriate for their physical stature, present to a group, standing, using the Quint as a podium.
iPads, touch screens, tablets and laptops are supplanting the venerable PC in classrooms and meeting spaces.  In keeping with this shift, SMARTdesks offers solutions for integrating and supporting these devices in this setting.  Quint can be specified with the iPad flipIT, or fPad, that securely supports the iPad, allows landscape or portrait orientation, screen angle adjustment, connection to power and use of cameras.  The fPad is a lockable storage device that flips open to display the iPad for easy use of the touch screen and FaceTime camera. A Home Button block-out tab is also provided for the classroom setting to prevent use of other apps during class.
SMARTdesks iDrawer is the solution for secure iPad storage, and for providing both USB and 110VAC power sources. iDrawer locks with a universal key, is fully vented so iPad or other small devices may remain connected to power without worry of overheating.  Foam pads are also provided,  placed by the user where needed for extra protection. iDrawer can be installed under any desk top for iPad security, and storage for Kindles, NotePads and other small devices.
Need some classroom design ideas?  SMARTdesks can make a classroom floor plan—or design for a conference or meeting room—with no cost or obligation to purchase.  Explore Quint arrangements for your space, and other SMARTdesks collaborative furniture for classrooms and conference rooms.  If you are looking for something you can’t find on the SMARTdesks web site, request a design and the SMARTdesks team will respond to your progressive thinking.  Let’s collaborate!
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