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Mobile Conference
Collaboration Tables

Quints are individual, mobile work spaces that are arranged to form flexible work groups for any number of participants. The Quint ...essential system for the many forms of collaborative learning being implemented. Simple and elegant.



Arange Quint Collaboration conference Tables like mosaic tiles

Quint Collaboration Conference Tables
Build collaboration groups in flexible arrrangement by alternating groups of three, putting four together, or putting together side by side to build larger groups. In fact, Quint tables can work individually and arranged in groups that model natural personal space. They don't have to fit tightly together; they can be arranged by simply bringing them near each other. (The iPad flipIT is no longer offered).
Mosaic tile arrangement is the inspiration for Quint’s five-sided top. In contrast to forms with even numbered sides, the five-sided shape allows a different freedom in creating forms and shapes for group interaction. While mosaics appear homogenized from a distance, a close inspection reveals that close proximity is enough to bring about continuity in a group. The Quint desktop defines a personal space that can either fit tightly together for close interaction, or can spread apart slightly to increase personal space without completely disconnecting from the group. The loose-tight relationships are easy to facilitate, resulting in uniquely organic arrangements that defy description, yet make perfect sense for spontaneous arrangement. Quint tight mosaic collaborative learning arrangements
Quint Collaboration Conference Tables Brochure

Download this PDF to pass along info about Quint.


Arrangement easily changes within the same classroom footprint.

Quint flexible arrangment collaboration conference tables

Alex Leg with Spring Clip Height Adjustment is 22" to 28" in 1" increments, on glides or locking casters (shown).

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Quint Spring Pin Height Adjustable.


Quint with spring clip adjustable height Alex leg  

Fixed Height Alex Leg is available for 28.5" heightl. Available on glides or locking casters (shown).

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Quint 28.5" fixed height


Quint with fixed height Alex base on casters  
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