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FFIT Computer Floor
Low profile raised access floor system:

Flexible cable management places
power, AV and data anywhere


Flexible Computer Floor by SMARTdesks
Computer Floor presentationWhat is a typical computer floor and how is FFIT completely different?
Get wired without an electrician!
Install UL Approved Power Cable and Outlets at a fraction of the cost.
The Computer Floor solution eliminates waste and promotes green building practices. Computer floor allows changes to be made in minutes without involving trades. The convenience of Computer Floor Systems also saves time and money. Every day, inside electrical contractors are called to make changes to office electric power service. Conventional approaches have commercial electrical contractors employed demolishing existing electrical service and installing new electrical service in different locations. IT integrators can now route cable, or update to larger capacity cable, installing in new locations. The SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor access floor system performs as advertised: fast installation, no laser leveling required, plug and play UL approved power cabling, no specialized installation labor, such as that provided by ICEC Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors. Commercial Electrical Contractors are required to connect the FFIT Computer Floor electric cable to the main service box, which can be done at any time before, during or after the installation of the access floor system. Read on to learn how the SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor - Raised Access Floor System provides the missing link in power-data-AV integration, in conjunction with SMARTdesks furniture, which is designed as an extension of the technology user interface.
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select carpet colors See the Computer Floor Installation Video See Computer Floor video FFIT Carpet Cleaning Information
raised access computer cable management flor installs in hours, not days.


FFIT Power and Data Cable Management Solution:

SMARTdesks® is focused on flexibility. Shape and flexibie arrangement of the furniture within the space promotse the flow of communication, shaping group dynamics.

Those who conduct different types of activities in the same space want the ability to change the arrangement. Using conventional construction methods for routing power and data, the arrangement must be fixed. Adding SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor to the equation allows the total flexibility in the architectural space. Outlets for power and data can be moved as easily as the furniture.

SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor makes possible a coordinated plan for the entire architectural space. Using SMARTdesks® Design Services, provided at no cost or obligation to the customer, furniture is specified and floor plan arrangements are developed for the customer or architect.

Based on the area of the space, the number of power and data outlets and the number of entrances, a budget for the computer floor is developed. Upon acceptance, the room arrangement is overlaid with a tile-by-tile FFIT floor plan, complete with wiring scheme and placement of outlets for the furniture in the space. ADA compliant ramps are included and powdercoated steel railings are designed and fabricated custom for each installation.

The floor and the furniture could be arranged to arrive on the same truck. The same installation team can be used for the floor and the furniture. The electrician can be scheduled to install the power whip into the service box at the customer’s convenience. The IT installs the data cables in the server. SMARTdesks® takes the responsibility of guaranteeing that the power and data is located to serve the technology in the SMARTdesks® furniture.

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FFITness Program Computer Floor


Floor + Furniture Integration Technology
... an IT Integrator’s dream.

Installing PowerFlor Raised Floor is fast and easy. Changes are a snap!

FFIT combines SMARTdesks interactive computer furniture with a comprehensive computer floor cabling solution.


FFIT Computer Floor
saves money & time:

  • Installs in hours, not days
  • Specialized labor not required for installation
  • Easily coordinates with other trades
  • Not a part of the building, depreciates like furniture
  • Lower cost alternative to conventional carpet & electrical contracting


  • Reusable! Accommodate move, add, change and churn without waste
  • Put power and data anywhere
  • Relocate power and data any time
  • Move the floor system to another room or building
  • Reuse and re-arrange as would the furniture

SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor provides the basic power and data connectivity elements required to complete your technology training environment. It integrates these elements into a floor structure providing a fully accessible, completely re-configurable, and totally re-usable cabling infra-structure. All of these elements are provided as pre-manufactured components applied modularly.

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The SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor system is complete in every aspect; however, it requires connection to the building structure. A licensed electrical service will be required for system power connection to the building and an approval. Your IT staff member or outside service provider will be required for data connection to your network. These services are not part of our system and are not included in our estimated cost.

ADA Ramp and Rail system with raised floor Powerflor

Our system's design includes all system access components. We design your system to meet your space and use requirements, providing a wide selection of both ADA and NON-ADA ramps and rails for a completely finished solution.

Your estimate factors-in the need for ramps and rails. The actual quote is based on more detailed information and may vary from the estimate based on the complexity of your specific requirements.

The SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor system is provided with Category 6, UTP communication cabling assemblies, standard. These cable assemblies are tested and pre-terminated using standard RJ 45 connectors, allowing for their mounting into our floor outlets, and to the network connection points.

However, if your network requires proprietary components or staff to maintain your standards, the system is available with appropriate mounting hardware to allow for this element to be provided by others, with easy application and mounting of your communication components.

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FFIT 10 Year Warranty

FFIT Computer Floor test document

Architectural Testing Documentation

Download Computer Floor Brochure

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Flexible Computer Floor
FFITness Program

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What is a typical computer floor, and why is FFIT a better choice?

SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor is a break-through design that isengineered and pre-fabricated off-site. FFIT is installed over existing carpeted floors or bare floors without tedious assembly, adhesives, laser leveling, demolition, or the use of specialized labor. The system is based on 50cm carpet squares adhered to four pedestals. This method provides a seamless fit, complete interchangeability, and conforms to the underlying floor without laser leveling, physical connections, adjustments or adhesives. UL approved power cables and outlets snap together and can be placed anywhere in the room, then buried under the floor system. Outlet locations may be changed instantly, without tools or electrician. The pedestals are tested to 40,000 lbs— 20 US tons of weight bearing. The system is only three inches high, which provides an ample cableway underfloor.

The ability to serve power, data and AV anywhere in an architectural space, and relocate it without expending resources of time, demolition and the use of expensive trade labor, make SMARTdesks® Computer Floor a building block for the way technology can be used in that space. The arrangement of modular computer furniture within the space now has greater freedom and flexibility. This aligns with the collaborative teaching methods and project management practices being championed by leading edge universities, businesses, and government agencies.

SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor is different than other raised access floor systems that were designed for delivering HVAC to UNIVAC-era mainframe computer rooms.
Outdated raised access floor design Overkill system.


SMARTdesks® Computer Floor is not a plenum for HVAC, requiring a huge crawl space, laser leveling, a steel superstructure, placement of concrete floor slabs, and achitectural compensation. Powerflor is simple and fast to install using furniture installers.
SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor is an alternative to conventional methods for power and data cable management. The ceiling space has been chosen because it is considered out-of-the-way. It is also farther away from the user than the floor. SMARTdesks® Computer Floor makes an out-of-the-way space conveniently, and just enough space for the job, too.
drop ceiling with snarl of cable Snarling Cable Ceiling.


SMARTdesks® Computer Floor is not 10-12 feet overhead. You don't need to take days in the ceiling, on ladders and tables, only to route cables to furniture using columns that become visual obstructions in the space. And trash the next time you need to move.


Green. Green. Green.

SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Flooris a green practice product. Unless the old system is in the way, no demolition is required to install SMARTdesks® Computer Floor. Any time you need to make a change, just lift up the outlet tile and move it, then bury the cable back into the floor.

SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor is removeable and re-useable. And non-destructive when installed! If installed on top of serviceable carpet, a good steam cleaning should bring the old carpet back to life when SMARTdesks® Computer Floor is removed to install in another room.


Construction waste from demolition of conventional cabling system, needed when moves, adds or changes are made to a conventional ceiling data cable routing installation. Waste. Waste. Waste.


Moves, Adds and Changes
don't require demolition. Be easier on the planet.
SMARTdesks® FFIT Computer Floor is a system of self-contained, interchageable tiles, based on standard carpet tile squares. No assembly required. Make outlet location changes on the fly. Make changes easily after installation. in minutes. No adhesives. No interlocking puzzle pieces.
Puck systems are time consuming and difficult to install Installation nightmare.


SMARTdesks® Computer Floor is not little pieces of stuff assembled
on-site. Not interlocking, ever-repeating fastening and adhesive squirting, day in and day out until it's done. And then it's not easy to move things around to make changes. The carpet doesn't line up with the tiles, so its's… a recurring nightmare.

FFIT is Strictly a Computer Floor

Designed for cable management of power and data.

Not for cooling. Not for heating. Not for clean room.

SMARTdesks® Computer Flooris specifically for computer data, AV cable and power distribution to users in an architectural space: conference room, training room, classroom, office.

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor basic component: the pedestal. One standard, adhesive-backed carpet tile unitizes four pedestals. Each panel has been tested to hold over 40,000 LBS gross weight. 20 US Tons.

Computer Floor Pedestal by Powerflor USA


Four SMARTdesks® Computer Floor pedestals adhere to a standard carpet tile. This system is based on the standard carpet tile for the modular interchangeable fit.

The four pedestals flex to conform to the shape of the floor. Universal ports can be placed in the center of each pedestal. The ports accept either data ports or power outlet blocks. They can also be simple pass-throughs for AV cable. These may be customized with specialized connectors to order.

The pedestals provide cable ways 3 inches high.

Computer Floor carpet tile with installed universal outlet ports

Fast work flow

Notice that the area is clean. Uncluttered. Nothing tedious to assemble. No laser leveling. No special tools. No specialized labor. This is not a dangerous operation. It is not invasive to the building structure. Perfect for historic buildings that need to accommodate computer users. No demolition required. An obsolete cabling system can be left alone if it's not in the way, so there will be less going to the land fill.

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor goes down over carpet. Carpet does not need to be removed. If installed on bare floor or concrete, a foam barrier sheet is placed under the system. This keeps the floor system silent and helps to keep tension on the compression fit. The memory of the carpet or foam pad works with the feet of the pedestals to show where to place the cables—between the feet.

Powerflor raised access computer floor starts in one corner of the room

The Technique

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor
is captured between four walls. The building itself locks in the system. Typically, carpeted pedestals are placed in a solid corner of the room with two walls that are continuous for some distance, such that they need no trimming in.

The floor is laid diagonally, continually pressed into the corner for a compression fitting. Trimming in the perimeter competes the compression fit.

Cable is not placed until the system structure is complete.

Powerflor Computer Floor is compression fit, building diagonally into a corner.

Perimeter Pedestals for
Wall-to-Wall Carpeting

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor are wall-to-wall systems. The grid must be locked in, physically, on all four sides. If one or two sides ramps up from the floor, physical forms are hammer drilled into the concrete to provide a solid structure.

Corner ramp for computer floor system by Powerflor

Corner frame has hammer-drilled anchors into concrete subfloor to capture carpet tiles. The compression fit is between the carpet tiles, not the plastic pedestals. A transition trim moulding mates the carpeted surfaces.

Perimeter computer floor pedestals

The gap must be filled.

Adhesive backed carpet tile is cut to fit

The Perimeter

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor
is trimmed in to fit gaps in the perimeter, then adhesive-backed carpet tile is scribed and cut. This conveys positive surface contact force to the wall to complete the compression fit.

These perimeter pedestals are not weight bearing and no cable will pass beneith them. The fins allow them to be easily cut to fit small gaps and odd shapes.

Perimeter pedestals are cut with saber saw or carbide tipped circular saw

Getting Wired Without and Electrician

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor power cable and outlets are UL Approved. They are placed on the floor according to the diagram provided. The outlets just snap together. The cables plug into keyed connections. They cannot be assembled unsafely.

The whip is installed into the building service box by a licensed electrician. That can be done after the floor is completed with minimal coordination of trades.

Powerflor wiring diagram

This is a typical diagram for tile, outlet and cable placement provided with SMARTdesks' furniture floor plan superimposed. This is the FFIT Program: Floor+Furniture Integration Technology.

UL Approved cable and outlets don't require electrician to install in the floor

The Power

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor
power components are universal. View the video to see how the system snaps together and gets buried under the floor.

Power cables and outlets are assembled on top of the floor

Power Outlet Cover Options

Power-Data cover plate detail

Metal powdercoated, hinged cover works with power or data connectors.

Computer floor cable pass-thru port

Cable pass-thru port works with any cable. Especially good for working with AV.

Power outlets snap in to universal Powerflor ports

PowerDome connection cover and flexible conduit make neat installation from floor to furniture

The Power Connection

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor
has universal ports which accept both power and data cable connectors.

Dome cover and flexible conduit make neat connection from floor to table
Powerflor hinged covers shown open and closed with cable passway
DAta connectors installed in the Powerflor universal computer floor ports


The Data Connection

SMARTdesks® Computer Floor
universal ports support RJ45 connectors. Custom plates may be made up with connectors of your choosing.




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Download PDF instructions for FFIT Computer Floor Assembly

This comprehensive 99-page guide for installing FFIT Computer Floor can be used for installation training. Intallation is usually accomplished by a trained installation team. The customer is not expected to provide their own installation. If the customer has internal staff accustomed to making facilities installations, we can discuss how SMARTdesks could support on-site training of their internal resources.

See Computer Floor videoSee the SMARTdesks® Difference. Computer Floor Made Easy.

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Nice technology furniture. How do you plug 'em in?
Along with Furniture, get a FFIT cable management solution.
....Get an estimate for a complete power and data cable management system go along with your SMARTdesks furniture.


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