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Raised Access
Floor System

Underfloor Cable, VDV Voice Data Video for Integrated Building Systems IBS

Every day, inside electrical contractors are called to make changes to office electric power service. Integrated Building Systems (IBS) with VDV Voice-Data-Video integration requirements demand the location and relocation of cabling to serve computer and AV users. Conventional approaches have commercial electrical contractors employed demolishing existing electrical service and installing new electrical service in different locations. IT integrators concern themselves with how to route cable, or update to larger capacity cable, installing in new locations. The Powerflor access floor system performs as advertised: fast installation, no laser leveling required, plug and play UL approved power cabling, no specialized installation labor, such as that provided by ICEC Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors. Commercial Electrical Contractors are required to connect the Powerflor electric cable to the main service box, which can be done at any time before, during or after the installation of the access floor system. Read on to learn how the Powerflor Raised Access Floor System provides the missing link in power-data-AV integration, in conjunction with SMARTdesks furniture, which is designed as an extension of the technology user interface.


We call it the FFIT Program.
You'll call it an IT Integrator’s dream.
FFIT = Floor + Furniture Integration Technology

raised access computer cable management flor installs in hours, not days.

FFIT combines SMARTdesks interactive computer furniture — designed as an extension of the technology — with the Powerflor System — a comprehensive cabling solution. Powerflor provides the basic power and data connectivity elements required to complete your technology training environment. It integrates these elements into a floor structure providing a fully accessible, completely re-configurable, and totally re-usable cabling infra-structure. All of these elements are provided as pre-manufactured components applied modularly.

A cabling solution that matches the versatility of the SmartDesks furniture solutions.... a Perfect FITT !!!

The FFIT Program brings people and technology together, literally from the floor up.

This estimate request is specifically for the Powerflor component. To implement FFIT, you will also need to specify furniture for the space using the QuoteRequest, or request Design a Conference Room or Design a Classroom.

Use this form to receive an estimate for Powerflor only. If you decide to add a Quote Request for furniture to implement FFIT, please use the appropriate Design Request and specify the furniture models you are most interested in. Without cost or obligation, you will receive a floor plan to approve for project scope.

PowerFlor data port in raised floor panel

The FFIT Program
Estimate Request for Powerflor

This form allows us to develop a working budget estimate, accurate to within 15%, using the “rule of thumb” which applies to uncomplicated, standard installations. Upon budget approval, we will gather highly detailed information to provide the engineered proposal with drawings, specific ramp and rail designs for entrances and initial cable runs.

Enter values and Request Estimate.

Room Dimensions: Length Width
Number of Entrances:  
Number of Power Outlets
Number of Data Outlets
Quote Furniture Design Classroom Design Conference Room
You will fill out your contact info on the quote form and submit that to complete your request for an estimate. Include a request for furniture if you wish.  

Installing PowerFlor Raised Floor is fast and easy. Changes are a snap!

Powerflor saves money & time:

  • Installs in hours, not days
  • Specialized labor not required for installation
  • Easily coordinates with other trades
  • Not a part of the building, depreciates like furniture
  • Lowe cost alternative to conventional carpet & electrical contracting

Powerflor is GREEN:

  • Reusable! Accommodate move, add, change and churn without waste
  • Put power and data anywhere
  • Relocate power and data any time
  • Move the floor system to another room or building
  • Reuse and re-arrange as would the furniture


Learn how Powerflor makes
Power Distribution and Data Cabling

Faster. Cheaper. Greener.

Powerflor raised floor system for power distribution and data cabling for office and classroom work areas

Download and view this
pdf presentation about Powerflor Power Distribution & Data Cabling
and share it with colleagues.

Raised Access Floor System for power distribution and data routing from server to office space

ADA Ramp and Rail system with raised floor Powerflor

Your estimate factors in a standard application for ramps and rails. The actual quote is based on more detailed information and may vary from the estimate based on the complexity of your specific requirements.

The Powerflor system is provided with Category 6, UTP communication cabling assemblies, standard. These cable assemblies are tested and pre-terminated using standard RJ 45 connectors, allowing for their mounting into our floor outlets, and to the network connection points.

However, if your network requires proprietary components or staff to maintain your standards, the system is available with appropriate mounting hardware to allow for this element to be provided by others, with easy application and mounting of your communication components.

The Powerflor system is complete in every aspect; however, it requires connection to the building structure. A licensed electrical service will be required for system power connection to the building and an approval. Your IT staff member or outside service provider will be required for data connection to your network. These services are not part of our system and are not included in our estimated cost.

Our system's design includes all system access components. We design your system to meet your space and use requirements, providing a wide selection of both ADA and NON-ADA ramps and rails for a completely finished solution.



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