SMARTchairs™ -  Style Series - Class Act Low Back

SC-7901 Class Act hon  

 Back: 18"w x 16"h
 Seat cushion: 20 "w x 18"d
 Seat height: 17" - 21"
 Capacity: 350 lbs.
 Weight: 30 lbs.

Class Act training chair - Swivel base w/ gas cylinder seat height. Adjustable back height and depth, fully upholstered in Grade A Fabric

Standard Features:

 Swivel Black Nylon Base
 Pneumatic lift control adjusts seat height
 Adjustable back height and depth
 Fully upholstered in Grade A fabric
 50mm, twin-wheel carpet casters
 Lifetime warranty*


 Adjustable Height Arm Rests, black urathane cap HW103T
 Adjustable Height Arm Rests, black gel cap HGL103T
 15 standard (no upcharge) fabrics          select fabric by name

Fiber: 100% Olefin with Fabric Protector

hon confetti black 6184 AB10 (stock)
Confetti Black
AB10 (stock)

hon confetti gray 6189 AB12 stock
Confetti Gray
AB12 (stock)
hon confetti burgundy 6188 AB62 stock
Confetti Burgundy
AB62 (stock)
hon confetti dark blue 6186 AB90 stock
Confetti Dark Blue
AB90 (stock)
hon Confetti Brown 6187 AB32 special order
Confetti Brown
AB32 (special order)
hon Confetti Teal 6192 AB72 special order
Confetti Teal
AB72 (special order)
hon Confetti Light Blue 6185 AB52 special order
Confetti Light Blue
AB52 (special order)
Fiber: 50% Polyester, 50% Acrylic with Fabric Protector
Abrasion (double rubs): 50,000
Light fastness: 60 hours
hon Prisma Iron 6226 BP19 special order
Prisma Iron
BP19 (special order)
hon Prisma Harvest 6225 BP29 special order
Prisma Harvest
BP29 (special order)
hon Prisma Autumn 6222 BP47 special order
Prisma Autumn
BP47 (special order)
hon Prisma Claret 6224 BP69 special order
Prisma Claret
BP69 (special order)
hon Prisma Persian 6227 BP72 special order
Prisma Persian
BP72 (special order)
hon Prisma Bluestone 6223 BP90 special order
Prisma Bluestone
BP90 (special order)
hon Prisma Pine 6228 BP95 special order
Prisma Pine
BP95 (special order)

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