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Ergonomic Seating for Training and Classrooms

The chair is the most important furniture element in collaboration. Task seating provides the basic ergonomic interface between student and computer. The model selected should be designed to fit 95% of your students' body types, be comfortable and durable, and offer adjustability that is simple to understand and quick to perform.

In classrooms designed for short training periods, necessary criteria include: Seating height and depth adjustability, a wide, flat upholstered seat pan with knee roll and a back structure with minimal contour supporting the lower back and upper torso.

Short sessions imply that chairs will be re-adjusted 8 -10 times a day - Ten times more than the typical office chair. The quality and design of the seating mechanism and the adaptability of the chair's shape to the widest range of body type are the most important considerations, but don't overlook the wheels.

For classroom sessions lasting a half day or longer, additional features including adjustable back height and angle, seat tilt and arm rests are desirable in order to insure a level of support, comfort and range of motion that encourages productivity and reduces the need for frequent or longer break periods.

Budget is often a determining factor...
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...and our pricing covers a broad range, too. Although the higher cost of some reflect desirable functional, aesthetic and quality enhancements, all of our seating products meet stringent durability and utility standards based on the requirements of each training facility.

Ergonomic Seating for Interactive Conferencing
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The last thing your teaming participants should be concerned with is how they feel around the table. The adjustments should be as automatic and adaptive as possible. These ergonomic features are offeredby leading designers in the industry. If you do not see a model or brand or an option in our standard offering that exactly meets your requirements, share those features with us and we will source the best price possible for you. On a custom basis, nearly any product in the world can be procured. That being said, the offering on this web site is focused on our take on the best value in performance, the most popular features, and a range of price points to address comfort and aesthetics.

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