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Semi-Recessed LCD
Computer Desks

Computer Classroom Desks Keep Widescreens at Low Profile for Unobstructed Sight Lines in the Computer Classroom!

FP Series Widescreen Computer Desks have plenty of storage for CPUs and peripherals. Computer cable clutter is kept out of sight in wire management channels and behind closed doors. Computer desks are configured for one or two users. Scaled to permit maximum student capacity in your computer lab.

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Widescreen 2 user computer desk
The FP Series Computer Desks positions the LCD monitor within the student's field of view, but below the horizon line, providing an unobstructed line-of-sight between student and instructor.

FP computer deskshave been redesigned to accommodate widescreen 16:9 displays up to 24" diagonal. Standard 4:3 flat panel LCD displays easily fit the port and allow positioning of the LCD flat screen at the ergonomically correct height, angle and distance for all types of Computer-Based Training (CBT).

The iMac 20 and iMac 24 (shown) fit beautifuly into this desk. This version has no keyboard tray and is 28" high for comfortable keyboard ergonomics. The iMac sits on a shelf on its own stand. Couldn't be simpler.

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Single Computer Classroom iMac Desk
Widescreen LCDs mounted semi recessed in 2 student computer desk Semi-Recessed Widescreen LCD Monitor Desks are the ideal solution for independent CBT. Because the LCD monitor is also in the visual plane of the work surface, students are comfortable in any position - making long sessions, shared computers and tutoring easier and noticeably boosting visual perception and the level of concentration.

SMARTdesks™ FP Series LCD Workstations offer plenty of legroom and 28" wide pull-out keyboard/mouse platforms with full-extension ball-bearing slides that are sturdy enough to lean on.

The computer desks are designed to conceal and protect all the wires that protrude from the back of the LCD display and are the source of the cable clutter that seems to haunt most computer labs.

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iMacs are Welcome!

Now a classroom of iMacs can be used in class without forming walls between teacher and student. The beautifully designed Mac stand sits securely on the shelf below the desktop. You still have access to all of the connections, controls and the disc drive.

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iMac Computer Desk semi-recessed full access to disc drive

WireWonder™ Cable Manager Logo
Cable Manager & Organizer

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WireWonder™ Cable Manager

New from CBT/SMARTdesks! This cable manager has a huge 2.5" x 3.375" inside dimension to handle a large bundle of power and data cables. All steel construction, black powder coated finish. Made in USA.

WireWonder™ WWC8 Wire Management Cable Manager by CBT-SMARTdesks

WWC8 WireWonder™ Cable Manager
7.5" length
Shown on Quark™ for laptop application.

WireWonder™ Cable Manager by CBT-SMARTdesks

WWC18 WireWonder™ Cable Manager
17.625" length
Shown on modesty panel, typical of any of our products.

Wire management by WireWonder™ is available in two lengths: 7.5" and 17.625". Wire management channel may be installed with wood screws to vertical or horizontal surfaces. You can store small components, such as laptop transformers, right in the cable manager. Small components may also be strapped to the WireWonder™ Cablee Manager with cable ties. Wrap excess cable around the mushroom tops for a neat, temporary installation that stays put in use.

If you need more capacity, specify the upgrade!

Options Include:
Standard Features:
  • Power/Data Ports™ and Surge-Suppressed Power Strips
  • Rear access panels and additional cable management accessories
  • Dual-wheel locking casters for mobility
  • Desk Top and Free-Standing Acoustical/Tackable Privacy Panels
  • Task Lighting (variety of fixtures) mounted in the work surface
  • Locking doors and a variety of other security devices
  • Work surface-mounted Headset grommets
  • Desk-to-desk angle connectors, writing tablet returns and pull-outs
  • 3M™ Dual-arm articulated keyboard/mouse platforms
  • More (you'll find the appropriate options listed on each product page)
  • Integral Wire Management™ - Horizontal and vertical cable chases and standardized wire channeling enable desk-to-desk and desk-to-access-point wiring, provide easy IT maintenance and protect and conceal cables
  • 28" wide Keyboard/Mouse Platforms with heavy-duty, full-suspension ball-bearing glides
  • 3mm PVC Edge-Banding on all exposed edges to provide soft and durable protection for both the furniture and the user.
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