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Library Computer Carrels

Modular carrels for testing—
School Study Carrels for Laptops and PCs

  Library Computer Carrels by SMARTdesks are built for the educational setting, used as testing carrels, library carrels, school study carrels, and laptop carrels. This library furniture features selectible height for sitting or standing, with flipIT convertible desktops. The original, genuine, patented flip up computer display desk. These are endlessly modular computer carrels, having add-on study carrels to extend the units for best arrangement.

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Computer Carrels Brochure

Loci™ Carrels
Computer Library Carrels for
Testing and Study Privacy

Position for laptops or computers; sitting or standing


Loci™ testing carrels for education, library.  Student study carrels.

Loci Adjustable Height Library Study carrels

Loci™ Library Carrels can be set up at your choice of three different heights:
• Laptop height (sitting) 28"
• Keyboard tray height (sitting) 30"
• Standing height 36"

The system is endlessly modular. Loci™ Library Carrels may be assembled at any length and the heights can be mixed or matched. flipIT® Convertible Desktops or Laptop Safes may be added as desired.

Loci Double Carrels: Modular library study carrels with privacy panels

The Loci™ Library Computer Carrels
Configuration can be assembled at mixed heights on either side. Endlessly modular: add on compartments to any length. Works well as an island.

Loci Single education carrels, approach side

Loci™ Carrels' sweeping contours give visual flow to the room. Attractive privacy panels stop visual flow for testing and improved focus in study.

Modular education library testing study carrels with privacy panels for schools

Loci library carrels at sitting and standing height

The top shelf is removed for use with the standing height setup. Both carrels have genuine flipIT® K19 Convertible Desktops. Convert from standard desktop to computer workstation as easily as opening a student desk. Carrel modules may be added to achieve any floor plan. Heights may be mixed or matched.

Library study carrels

Loci is setup for work at keyboard height: 28". On the left is flipIT® 18 Laptop Safe; on the right is a workstation with LCD on its own stand and LeGrip CPU holder. The top shelf has been removed to accommodate the LCD on its stand.

Endlessly Modular Carrels Loci stand alone privacy carrels are endlessly modular

LED lighting Option

Energy saving LEDs bring task lighting intensity when needed. Permits general / ambient lighting to be lower for additional energy savings.


Loci™ Library study carrels for use with computers and laptops, sitting or standing

LED Lighting for Loci Carrels

LED task lighting reduces eye strain and works with LCD screens, so both can be used in the same area. iPads®, laptops and notebook computers can be used in any work area because flipIT® converts any desktop into a workstation and back in just seconds.

Loci™ Carrels with iPad
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