Stack Chairs Perfect for Multi-Use Classrooms

Five factors affect your choices when selecting stackable seating: Comfort, Durability, Appearance, Stackability/Storage Capacity and Price. Choosing the best chair for your requirements will involve compromise so it is important to know all the details.

Comfort is crucial - For classrooms, corporate training and occassional large meetings, you need to recognize the needs of your audience. Chairs that squeak or rattle will be a distraction. So will seats that are so slippery and hard that listeners can't sit still. If upholstered seating is not an option, look for molded seats that flex with the sitter and generous seat sizes.

Durability pays for itself - A sturdy frame provides more than long-term savings. A surdy frame will also provide the sitter with a sense of security that will permit them to concentrate on the presentation. Other factors affecting durability include seat and back materials, as well as method of assembly and stacking hardware.

Appearance affects performance - First impressions are important. The way your classrooom looks will affect the expectations of your students. Choices in color and texture will enable you to balance aesthetics with functionality.

Stackability and Storage Capacity - If the purpose of your purchase is to provide alternative uses for a multi-use space, it is very important to investigate how easy it will be to deploy high density seating and determine whether storage will fit your capacity.

Specifications, Features, Fabrics and Options for each chair series are listed in the Quote section.


stack arm chair

Camden® Stacking Arm Chair

stack chair

Camden® Stack Chair

stack chair

EZ Seat™ Stack Chair

stack arm chair

EZ Seat™ Stacking Arm Chair



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