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Stand Up Computer Desks for School and Office

  • Take a stand without motors — Lift Roller Standing Desks

    Stand up and take your desk with you! German precision engineered hydraulic lift supports the static load of the table top and the technology. Grasping the adjustment lever engages the lift, which assists in lifting or lowering the computer workstation like power steering. A 30 pound load feels like 5. Move your top from 28 inches to almost 48— and stop anywhere that makes you comfortable sitting or standing. The single column design is for smaller desktops up to 66 pounds; the dual column is for larger and heavier— up to 89 pounds.

  • Motorized standing desks — effortless height adjustment

    The Cirrus Motorized Sit Stand Desk supports any static load up to 225 pounds. For ADA compliance, the motorized height adjustment is the most accommodating. Controller electronics can be positioned to permit installation of options, such as the flipIT® Workstation, Laptop Safe or LCD arms, keyboard trays and CPU holders. Customize with power and data ports and modesty panels and laminate or thermofoil finishes.

  • Simplicity and economy — Spring Pin for K-12 multi-purpose flexibility

    The spring pin adjustment of the Cirrus adjustable height laptop table makes this a practical choice when it might be used for different grades throughout its long service life. That's why it is a popular choice with K-12 schools. Adjust the height from 24 to 30 inches in one inch increments. This is a truly multi-purpose table that will serve use with computers, art materials—even lunchrooms.

  • Floating Balance Hydraulic Lift Standing Workstation

    The Cirrus Floating Counterbalance Height Adjustable Table uses a unique, German-made leg design that equally distributes the weight on the table top over two legs. As a result, the table top can be raised and lowered by one person using only a single release handle.

  • Floating pedestal standing tables

    Floating Lift Roller Hydraulic Pedestal column is the perfect adjustment solution for round and square tops on an X base. It provides unbelievably smooth adjustment up and down with a release lever that is mounted to the underside edge of the top. A large adjustment range with infinite stop positions. A ratchet column is also offered for better economy, but you have to do all of the lifting.

  • Ratchet Height adjustment with fold-down flip-top option

    Sit | Stand | Store — The Cirrus E2 Ratchet Sit | Stand Desk changes height easily by two people lifting on each end while holding the base in place with a foot. Start at the lowest position and raise in .78" increments from 26.5" to 36" standing height on glides, or 29.5" to 39.45" on optional locking casters.
SMARTdesks standing computer desks for better health and focus
Adjustable height workstations for office and university

SMARTdesks Standing Desk Converter

Convert your office desk to a standing desk without making any modifications to your desk. .

SMARTdesks has the definitive stand up desk riser

  • Easily convert your existing work surface to a standing desk for ergonomic and physical benefits
  • Rising platform with keyboard tray has 15 different height adjustments ranging from 5.9" to 19.7"
  • Convenient slot securely holds a tablet or smartphone at just the right angle
  • Easy to use adjustment mechanism prevents accidental injury during movement
  • Sleek modern design with beveled edges
  • Constructed using 3MM wrapped PVC and a heatshrinking process for a superior and durable bond

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The Winston Workstation™

Wherever you need it to be—the Winston Sit-Stand Workstation works with all freestanding desks— at home, in an office, or within a systems environment

Energizing your body. Inspiring your mind.

Instantly converts any desk into a sit stand workspace boosting health and productivity. Recent studies have shown that sitting throughout the day can have the same negative health consequences as smoking. Winston seamlessly integrates into your workday for a boost in health and wellness.

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Winston Single monitor sit-to-stand workstation in Silver Winston Dual screen sit-to-stand workstation in Silver
Standing desks ARE Smart Desks.

Think on your feet. Studies show that people are more agile thinkers when standing. Perhaps, not all day, but regular breaks at standing desks energizes the office environment. Inspires creativity. Brings physical energy together with mental energy. Shifting weight from side to side is enough to bring rhythm to idea flow. This office work table stands up to a higher level.
SMARTdesks’ line of standing desks and tables is custom made for each buyer.
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Adjustable height mechanisms can be motorized, hydraulic, ratchet or spring-pin—each method brings advantages in a balance of ease of use and economy. Designer tops can be specified to complement any office or classroom space. SMARTdesks interior design support team is ready to make recommendations and floor plans—impressive design ideas for office and computer labs.

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