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  • ADA compliance desk table
  • ADA compliant desk table
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SMARTdesks Adjustable Height Table floating balance ADA compliant desk table SMARTdesks Adjustable Height Table ratchet wheelchair desk table SMARTdesks Adjustable Height Table spring pin sit stand desk table

Height Adjustable Tables
for ADA Compliance

See Cirrus in action!

Cirrus Height Adjustable ADA Compliant Tables are available with four kinds of adjustable height table legs. Choose floating balance, ratchet, spring pin, or motorized. For more details, select from the models shown above.

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Download Cirrus height adjustable tbles brochure

Download the pdf brochure for Cirrus
Height Adjustable Tables


Cirrus Adjustable Height ADA compliant Tables variable height pneumatic

Adjustable Height pneumatic lift ADA compliance desk table

The Cirrus floating balance adjustable height tables feature a pneumatic assist pedestal column, balanced for 44 lbs. This force balances the top to make lifting and lowering the top smooth and easy. Position the top anywhere within a range of 26 to 43.7 inches, a range of 17.72 inches giving full ADA compliance access to all users. The sure grip cable release is designed to operate safely without unintentional release. Smooth motion with no-bounce stopping. The Brainstorm Top gives four working sit/stand table positions where up to four laptops can be used together. The top is finished in tough 3D Thermofoil, available in your choice of colors.

Laptops on wheelchair domputer desk table adjustable height pneumatic lift table
Circle table top sit stand desk table
Square table top shape sit stand desk table Brainstorm 4 lobe table top shape ADA compliant desk table

Cirrus Adjustable Height Pedestal
Table Tops

Choose your top in laminate with PVC edge, or thermofoil with contoured edge. Standard top thickness is 1 inch. Standard sizes are width or diameter at 30, 36 and 42 inches. Brainstorm and TriCloud shapes are sized to the area of the square for these footprints.


Adjustable Heght ADA compliance desk Table Gas Spring

The Cirrus TriCloud is so named because it is shaped for up to three laptop users who can float to any common stratosphere together. The work surface is highly scratch resistent. You may specify the top to be made of MDF, finished in laminate and edged with semi-rigid PVC, or with contoured edges finished in 3D Thermofoil.

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Floating Counterbalance height adjustable tables let one person change the table height SMARTdesks line of floating balance Cirrus Height Adjustable Tables    
Height Adjustable laptop table with floating counterbalance height adjustment

The Cirrus Floating Counterbalance Height Adjustable Table uses a unique, German-made leg design that equally distributes the weight on the table top over two legs. Asa result, the table top can be raised and lowered by one person (able to physically lift the load on the table) using only a single release handle. The floating counterbalance is calibrated to provide a lifting force to make raising and lowering the table height as easy as power steering.

Table tops may be thermofoil with contoured edge, laminate with 3mm PVC edge, or as shown: laminate with polyurethane moulded edge that offers added comfort and the rich look of wood.

Table top dimension can be specified within footprint of 26" - 30" depth and 60" - 72" width.

Villa modular power with RJ45 data connections

Villa™ Power / Data Connection Box serves two users with two 110 VAC and two RJ-45 Cat 6 Ethernet receptacles. Steel lid and trim ring, silver powder coated, with brush trim.

Polyurathane edge colors for Cirrus Floating Counterbalance tops

Polyurathane edge colors

Tops finished in high pressure laminate with PURtech® Polyurethane color thru cast comfort edge.

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Ratchet setting adjustable height wheelchair computer desk table

A power data port, such as the Villa, may be added. The Villa has 2 110VAC and two RJ45 data connectors with brush wire pass-thru and hinged lid. The Villa is available with 10-foot cord or modular power.


Height Adjustable fliptop table lets you sit  stand desk table and store.

The Cirrus ratchet adjustable height table rides on locking casters, flips for easy storage. The ratchet adjusts in 13 positions in 0.78 inch increments. Two people work together to change the positions by simply lifting the top. Resets to the lowest position when raised to the upper extreme. The ADA compliant leg height spans from 26 to 35.5 inches, a 9.45 inch range. Top flips to vertical position for easy moving and storage. Top can be made with contoured edges finished in tough, 3D thermofoil, or laminate with PVC trim edges. Modesty panel can be black mesh fabric with hook loop closure for wire management or solid panel to match the top.

Solid modesty panel option for Cirrus adjustable height wheelchair desk tables

Optional wire manager modesty panel for Cirrus Adjustable Height Laptop computer desk Tables

The optional mesh fabric wire manager modesty panel suspends under the table. Hook and loop closures give easy access and control. Cables are organized and stay put.

Another option is the solid modesty panel that is hinged from the top so it matches the vertical plane when the top is flipped for storage. The solid modesty panel is made to match the top in either thermofoil with contoured edge or laminate with PVC edge.

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Cirrus spring pin height adjustable ADA compliant desk tables for K-12 classrooms

economy adjustable height wheelchair desk tables from SMARTdesks

The spring pin adjustment of the Cirrus adjustable height laptop table makes this a practical choice when it might be used for different grades throughout its long service life. That's why it is a popular choice with K-12 schools. Adjust the the height from 24 to 30 inches in one inch increments. Tops are available in widths 36 to 72 in 6 inch increments. Depths are 24, 26, 30. Tops may be laminate with PVC edges or 3D thermofoil with contoured edges. This is a truly multi-purpose table that will serve use with computers, art materials—even lunchrooms.

Adjustable height ADA compliance desk table leg using spring pins
SnapChase leg wire manager and wire management modesty panel on adjustable height sit stand desk table


Add connectivity options, such as the Villa power data port, with two 110VAC power and two RJ45 data connectors to serve laptops in class. Add a modesty panel: solid or mesh fabric with hook and loop closures for wire management. Add a SnapChase to the leg to manage cords from the floor to the modesty panel. Add casters for mobility. Data cables can run in NeatLinks wire manager channels. Available with locking casters for mobility or floor glides. ADA compliant computer table.

sit stand desk table
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Cirrus Motorized Adjustable Height ADA compliant desk computer table for ADA compliance, sit to stand table Sit stand desk table by SMARTDesks

Cirrus Adjustable ADA compliance desk tables

Intuitive controls let the user adjust the table up and down, then save the position as one of three presets for next time.

Villa Power and Data port is an option for Cirrus Height Adjustable wheelchair computer desk Tables

Consider options for connectivity, such as the Villa power data port with two 110VAC and two RJ45 data connectors and an articulating keyboard tray.

A no-nonsense motorized lift table. Infinitely variable heights from 26 to 45.7 inches: a range of 19.89 inches. Adjustment speed is 1.97 IPS (50mm/sec). Tops may be 3D thermofoil with contoured edge or laminate with PVC edge.
ZeroPoint articulating keyboard and mouse tray option for SMARTdesks wheelchair computer desk table
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