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ISR Series Stand-Up Computer Desks for Teachers

For Semi-Recessed CRT Monitors

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Stand-Up Computer Desks for Teachers
provide a compact and secure enclosure for equipment, storage for essential media and supplies, a central location for controls and an ergonomic presentation platform.
ISR semi-recessed CRT instructor desk

The ISR Series of Stand-Up Computer Desks forr Teacheersintegrate 14-21 " CRT monitors semi-recessed into the worksurface to be visible to the teacher from behind and to the sides of the desk so there are less restrictions on moving around while lecturing.

Each ISR Series Stand-Up Computer Desk is designed to meet your specific requirements. The ISR—Semi-Recessed CRT —Series is configured with locking single and double equipment and storage bays and is available in two depths and two widths.

The ISR Series Stand-Up Computer Desks is an elegant solution for your classroom, offering more options and value for cost-conscious budgets - a perfect combination of utility, economy, and beauty for the modern electronic learning environment.




Stand-Up Computer Desk Options

This is only a partial list of popular options. . .

A complete illustrated list is accessible for each product using iQuote

dual caster task light desktop podium stand
power data port key ergonomic keyboard tray
vent fan finish choices apples


A comprehensive menu of options is offered so you can add just the accessories you need to build the perfect platform for multimedia instruction. These specialized options include: Dual casters, Task lights, Desktop Podium Stands, Rack-mount rails, Access doors, Power/data ports for laptops, Security solutions, Ergonomic Articulated Keyboards for sitting or standing, Ventilation fans, and a variety of standard finish options and appearance upgrades.

Download Printable Specifications in PDF format

These model numbers specify a combination of the Series Letters-Width x Depth x Height-C double CPU Bay Capacity , Keyboard Pull Out, A Articulated Keyboard Tray Option, 9 designates use with CRTs up to 19 inches, 1 is for 21 inch monitors.













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