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Desk Lamps, Task Lighting and Desk Lighting
in Clamp and Grommet Desk Mounting Options


Desk lamps and task lighting can save energy and increase productivity and with reduced eye fatigue. Studies show eyestrain to be a common complaint, with control over individual lighting needs being the solution. These task lighting options are designed to enhance performance. Desk lights are available in either clamp or table base models. Our personal task lights allow the ultimate in individual control. Desk Lighting for a range of needs. Choose from among LED, halogen or fluorescent lamps, single or multiple bulbs, task lighting with table base or clamp mounts, fixed or flexible placements. Having the right light in the right place is essential for extended attention span and productive focus.

SMARTdesks offers a variety of desk lights and task lights that
save energy and enhance productivity

LED Task Lighting

Contemporary elegance, amazing clarity, position anywhere, 3500K balanced light.

• Single light source creates a single shadow
• Neutral 3500 K white light
• Consumes less than 7 watts of power
• Replaceable LED assembly
.. for in-field repairs
• 60,000 hour lifespan—that’s up to 30 years ....of daily use in a 9-to-5 office environment.
• Maximum reach: 28”
• Maximum height: 28”
• Working height: 18”
• 135° front-to-back head tilt
• 90° side-to-side head rotation
• 360° swivel from base
• Finish options: White with Silver Accents
.. or All Silver

Photonic LED Task Light -Desk Lighting

Groundbreaking Multi-Chip LED

Element’s single Multi-Chip LED casts just one shadow and produces as much illumination as a 70-watt incandescent bulb while drawing less than seven watts of power.

Compare the conventional multi-LED light source on the left to the clarity of Photonic's LED on the right. Very easy on the eyes!

LED TAsk Light clarity
Light weight and balanced. Position anywhere in a full range of motion. Element™ stays put! Photonic LED Task Light range of Motion.  Position your desk light anywhere!

Clamp Mount works as Grommet Mount

Both Element™ and Diffrient™ Desk Lighting are equipped with the standard weighted base. This optional clamp mount system is designed to be used for these units to clamp to an edge or grommet hole. The grommet hole cover is included.

Clamp mount works as grommet mount.  Use with Photonic and Diffrient Desk Lighting


5 Watt Podium Light

Seen on more professional AV, lighting and sound boards than any other lighting product. High Intensity halogen (5-watt) with permanently attached gooseneck with a specially designed, heat-dispersing hood. Small, reliable and unobtrusive. Littlite lampsets have a twelve-inch cord set terminating in a 2.1mm socket. GXF-10 power supply has a six-foot cable terminating in a 2.1mm plug. Available with 6", 12" and 18" flexible gooseneck.

Littlite podium light

The Classic

Incandescent Podium Light

Solid Brass Classic Lectern Light (10" wide). Use 40w or 60w display bulb. Specify for your podium and we will integrate The Classic as a factory installed option.

Task Light for Podium
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