Task Lighting
for Classroom, Podiums, Conference Room and Office
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Photonic LED Task Light -Desk Lighting

Element LED Task Light

LGT-PHO-DKS-S Desktop base, silver
LGT-PHO-CL-W Clamp mount, white
LGT-PHO-CL-S Clamp mount, silver

Contemporary elegance, amazing clarity, position anywhere, 3500K balanced light.

• Single light source creates a single shadow
• Neutral 3500 K white light
• Consumes less than 7 watts of power
• Replaceable LED assembly.for in-field repairs
• 60,000 hour lifespan—that’s up to 30 years of daily use in a 9-to-5 office environment.
• Maximum reach: 28”
• Maximum height: 28”
• Working height: 18”
• 135° front-to-back head tilt
• 90° side-to-side head rotation
• 360° swivel from base
• Finish options: White with Silver Accents or All Silver


Task Light for Podium

Littlite podium light

5 Watt Podium Light

LGT-L3-6 6" black flex arm, custom table mount
LGT-L3-12 12" black flex arm, custom table mount
LGT-L3-18 18" black flex arm, custom table mount
LGT-L3-BULB 5 Watt tungsten halogen replacement bulb
LGT-L3-LOCK Hood locking kit
LGT-LA-18-HI 18" black flex arm, T Series

Seen on more professional AV, lighting and sound boards than any other lighting product. High Intensity halogen (5-watt) with permanently attached gooseneck with a specially designed, heat-dispersing hood. Small, reliable and unobtrusive. Littlite lampsets have a twelve-inch cord set terminating in a 2.1mm socket. GXF-10 power supply has a six-foot cable terminating in a 2.1mm plug. Available with 6", 12" and 18" flexible gooseneck.

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