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HD Conferening Studio for Telepresence, Video Teleconferencing with Teleconferencing Table, Computer Podium and LCD Motorized Monitor Lift Cabinet


This HD Teleconference Studio Package includes:

  • MVC Podium,
  • eMotion™ Monitor Lift Cabinet with
  • 2 Equipment Storage Side Cabinets,
  • 2 ceiling-mounted Hi-Lite Video Lights,
  • 5 VIA Palmer™ Mesh Back chairs,
  • Piano™ Concerto 5 Teleconference Table with 5 flipIT® FIK-19 LCD Supports,
  • All other components, including the video teleconferencing technology, cameras, phone, are not included and are purchased separately.
  • You may describe changes, additions and deletions from this package to suit.
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Video Teleconferencing Studio Design

HD Video Teleconference Studio with Teleconference Table and LCD Monitor Lift

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Video Teleconferencing Questions

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What will you use video teleconferencing for?
How many locations will be involoved on the call at one time? 2 3 4 5 6 More
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Do you need to integrate video teleconferencing with existing conference room equipment? Yes No

How would you like the displays to be mounted?

eMotion™ motorized LCD monitor lift cabinet

eMotion™ Lift Cabinet Stand on Credenza Wall Mount Ceiling Mount
eMotion™ Lift Cabinet & Equipment Storage Side Cabinets (shown)
What type of information will be shared during the video meeting? Medical Secure PC Screens Multiple Cameras Document Camera Maps
CAD Drawings Music Speech
Would you like the ability to record the videoconference? Yes No
Do you plan to videoconference over an IP network or Legacy ISDN? IP ISDN
If IP, what type of WAN connection (T1, ATM, DSL, etc.) at each location and what bandwidth at each location can be dedicated to videoconference?
If ISDN, please describe the type of ISDN line and banwidth.
Do you need a solution for remote and/or home office? Yes No
Are all endpoints on your internal network? (LAN) Yes No
If not, where will they be located?
If yes, are your IT people aware of the VTC requirement & willing to configure network as required? Yes No
Do you understand or need dual display capability? Yes No
Are there plans to use a data projector as a dsplay? Yes No
Do you need a document camera to bring 3D or scanned pages into the conference? Yes No
What amount of bandwidth can be dedicated to videoconference?
Do you need to communicate within and outside your organization (LAN/WAN)? Yes No

Table General Requirements:
Number of LCDs in table Number of seats around table, with or without computers. LCD Support System: flipIT with Keyboard Tray flipIT w/o keyboard Tray (touchscreen) flipIT Laptop Safe

Type of
Conference Table:

Piano Concerto
Duet (shown)

Piano Concerto 10

Piano Sonata
Solo (shown)

Piano Sonata 5 Solo



Piatto Rectangle (shown)
Piatto Rounded Rectangle
Piatto Racetrack
Piatto Boat Shape Piatto conference  table

Drum Base
Cube Base (shown)
Panel Base
CPU Case Base

CineStage (shown)
Power/Data Connectivity



Quark™ Qstar™ Teleconference

Telepresence Teleconference Tables Quaark™ Qstar™ Telepresence Tables

Equator™ Teleconference Table

Equator™ Telepresence Teleconference Table


Motif with flipIT (shown)

Motif 8-FI Conference Table

Facing (shown)
Facing with 1-station end
C shape
U shape
4 sides facing in

Your Monitor Type

LCD Flat Panel up to 19" (CASE width 17.125" / 435mm Max.)
LCD Widescreen 20" (CASE width up to 19"/ 482mm)
LCD Widescreen 24" (CASE width up to 23"/ 584mm)

Your CPU Type
Miniature like Mac Mini 6x6x2
Standard Tower 8 " width 18" tall
Small Form Factor 3.5" width 10" tall
Stored in separate area/room
Storage Space
required for each user:
Hardcopy Reports/Binders
Disc / Hard Drive
Rack Mountable Equipment
Phone/Speaker Phone
Connections and Accessories
for each user station:
Power/Data Port
Task Light
Headset Grommet

USB Port
Microphone Jack

Other (please specify)

Power square Interface AV Connection Concepts co0nnectivity station


Elegant connectivity! With the touch of a button, or by pressing the lid (spring-loaded version), a square section of table top rises to reveal 8 power recepticals and 4 configurable telecom plates.

ComDeck I Spring-loaded
ComDeck II Electric
ComDeck III Remote Controlled

Click links for pdf specifications

Configure your Telecom Plates with this
Fax-in Specifier pdf


The Interface

Provides access to 4 power receptacles and the ability to access 2 configurable Telecom plates. Product supplied with a 6 foot molded power cord set with 15 Amp plug. UL listed and CSA certified. Standard finishes are brushed stainless steel and black textured powder coat, other powder coat finishes & polished stainless steel are available.

Interface pdf specifications

Configure your Telecom Plates with this
Fax-in Specifier pdf


With a simple finger touch the units pop up revealing power receptacles and data connectors. Each unit is 2 sided and spring activated. The technology connector plates, decorative tops and trim rings and trim plates are available to provide a round or square accent the surface finish.

Concept pdf specifications

Configure your Telecom Plates with this
Fax-in Specifier pdf


Presenter Stations:

What type of display and viewing position do you prefer?

flipIT Laptop Safe


Flatscreen with flipIT®
Flat screen on desktop
Flatscreen with monitor arm
Flatscreen semi-recessed


What type of presenter station?

Podium for Video Teleconferencing Studio


Podium Dimensions:

Height: 42"

30" 36" 54" 60"

26" 30" 36"

Podium Options:

Pull Up Shelf for doc cam
Pull Out Shelf for doc cam
        + storage
Step-Up riser
Ergonomic keyboard tray
Task Light
Rack Mounting
Heavy Duty Casters


Instructor Desk Dimensions:

Height: 30"

60" 72"

30" 36"

Desk Options:

Desktop Lectern
Ergonomic keyboard tray
Task Light
Rack Mounting


Instructor Table Dimensions:

Height: 28"

36" 48" 60" 72"

20" 24" 30" 36"

Table Options:

Ergonomic keyboard tray
Task Light

IT and Security Concerns

Network type:

Wire Access:
Wall Floor

Server in room?
Yes No


Cable Type:
CAT5e Fiber Optic Wireless

Tempest Space for Multiple CPUs on secure and unsecure networks?
Yes No

Do you have a raised floor?
Yes No

Check if you would like a separate quote and
        design for a raised floor for handling power and data.

Please include seating:

Check if needed:

Adjustable Arms

How long will your users be sitting?

2 hours
4 hours
All day

I am considering this type of chair:

Executive Chair
Task Chair
Economy Chair

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