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Teleconferencing Tables by SMARTdesks

SMARTdesks Teleconferencing Tables give you optimum camera angles for a Telesymmetric experience. Be sure to consider lighting, backgrounds, monitor lift cabinets, equipment cabinets and podiums to complete your HD Conference Room Studio Set.

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PIANO logo PIANO computer conference table
Conference Tables for Teleconferencing by CBT SMARTdesks Qstar™ Computer Teleconference Table
PIANO logo Teleconference Tables

Piano Teleconferencing Table single camera  conference

The camera may be positioned to put more people comfortably in the composition. Larger groups may be covered using multiple cameras. Smaller groups can be composed using different angles in curved and straight sections of the table.

TRIAD Concerto

The PIANO Concerto Series: A concerto is a mixture of materials in concert: wood grain laminates for the top surfaces with solid wood stained edge moulding. Extra processes take extra time, so The Concerto appearance group is priced higher than Sonata.

For a complete offering of finish choices,
click here.

TRIAD Sonata Appearance Group

The PIANO Sonata Series features long-lasting, scratch-resistent vinyl finishes which are clad to every contour. The result is a handsome fit and finish that looks rich in every detail.

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PIANO Configurations
Stations - 5
Seats - 12
Footprint w/Chairs - 200" x 180"

Piano 5 Teleconference Table
PIANOsolo-5 + 1
Stations - 6
Seats - 12
Footprint w/Chairs - 215" x 180"
Piano 5+1 Teleconference Table
Stations - 7 |
Seats - 14
Footprint w/Chairs - 230" x 195"

Piano 7 Teleconference Table
PIANOsolo-7 + 1
Stations - 8 |
Seats - 14
Footprint w/Chairs - 245" x 195"
Piano 7+1 Telelconference Table
Stations - 9 |
Seats - 16
Footprint w/chairs - 260" x 210"

Piano 9 Teleconference Table
PIANOsolo-9 + 1
Stations - 10 |
Seats - 16
Footprint w/chairs - 275" x 210"
Piano 9+1 Teleconference Table
Stations - 10 |
Seats - 16
Footprint w/chairs - 275" x 180"
Piano 10 Teleconference Table
Stations - 14 |
Seats - 20
Footprint w/chairs - 335" x 195"
Piano 14 Teleconference Table
Stations - 18 |
Seats - 24
Footprint w/chairs - 395" x 210"
Piano 18 Teleconference Table
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Conference Tables for Teleconferencing by CBT SMARTdesks

Quark™ Telepresence Table Configuration

Quark™ Mobile Laptop Tables can be placed in the Qstar™ Conference dock, or used in groups to mirror single or multiple camera applications, including 3-camera telepresence.

mobile laptop table in standingg position

Model QRK-3433-L18

Sit. Stand. Move.

The Quark™ Mobile Laptop Computer Table lets you group members together, work independently, present to a group, work standing up for a change in perspective, work sitting down in comfort.

Includes flipIT® Laptop Safe model FIL-18 with touch latch and lock. Wire management permits connection to power and data even when laptop safe is closed and locked.

mobile laptop table in sittingg position

Click to download pdf literature for Quark Mobile Laptop Computer Table

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pdf spec sheet in new window.

• Top dimension 34” x 34.5” at broadest points
• Height Adjustable 28” to 36” in 1” increments
• Pneumatic Lift
• 5 Dual-wheel locking carpet casters
• Surfaces: 30mm MDF, contoured,with 3D surf(x) thermofoil laminate 12 mil (0.012”)
• Laptop Safe: flipIT® 18 with compartment inside dimensions 16”w x 11.5”d x 2.5” thick, wire management access, lock, touch latch.

Quark™ Mobile Computer Table

Qstar Logo for mobile computer tables

Individual Quark™ mobile computer table work stations dock into the Qstar™ at sitting or standing height. Place the Qstar™ in your gathering area. Call a meeting or a group training session, and individuals roll their Quark™ mobile laptop tables from their offices, or places in class, and dock into the group. Qstar™ serves power and data to the group.

Model QS5- Stand

Model QS5- Sit

Available in 2 versions: Standing height, which is counter top height 36" and sitting height, which is 28". This is a conference table with moveable components. In figuring the quote, we will discuss your needs in the context of a multi-media conference table setting to address solutions for technology integration issues. We are not integrators, but will coordinate with IT professionals to configure Quark™ and Qstar™ for your requirements.

Titan Metallic 2009
Titan Metallic

Quark™ is currently available in these surf(x) 3D thermofoil laminates. The flipIT® lid is black.
Crossfire Java 2066
Crossfire Java
2063 Maplewood, same as Fusion Maple 490370 Omnova
Maplewood Surf
Fog Surf 0148
0148 NC
Fog Surf
Ebony Starlight 489865
Cinder Surf
(reads black with surface effect)
Quark™ mobile laptop computer table
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