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The Presence Suite

Telepresence and Video Teleconferencing
Table, Podiums and Plasma Carts


Introduced at infoComm10 in Las Vegas, June 9-11, 2010 The Presence Suite of teleconferencing furniture includes the model 7B Presence Theater, which is a mobile Plasma or flat screen TV monitor stand or cart with large locking equipment bays. the Presence Podium has and adjustable height top for use with laptops, rack mount equipment bay with digital combination locking door. Viewpoint Mobile Teleconferencing Studio is self-contained, rolls into any space for use. Boomerang Telepresence Tables are configured for two or three cameras and screens for a multisensory telepresence experience. Powerflor raised access computer floor system is a cable management system for data routing and power distribution underfloor.


download the presence line of telepresence tables, podiums and plasma stands

Download the Presence Products Brochure for Telepresence


Be Present with telepresence tables, podiums, plasma stands and camble management systems for telepresence studios
Model 7B Presence Theater Mobile Plasma TV Stand Cart for teleconferencing Presence Podium is a laptop podium for teleconferencing Viewpoint Mobile Teleconferencing Studio is a self-contained mobile teleconferencing studio on casters
Telepresence Table Boomerang Studio 6, a 6 seat video teleconferenceing table Boomerang studio 6 telepresence table for video teleconferencing Shown at infoComm, Boomerang Teleconferencing telepresence table

Raised Access Floor
  Cable Management for Data and Power Distribution under the floor

Powerflor saves money & time:

  • Installs in hours, not days
  • Specialized labor not required for installation
  • Easily coordinates with other trades
  • Not a part of the building, depreciates like furniture
  • Lowe cost alternative to conventional carpet & electrical contracting


  • Reusable! Accommodate move, add, change
    and churn without waste
  • Put power and data anywhere
  • Relocate powe and data any time
  • Move the floor system to another room or building
  • Reuse and re-arrange as would the furniture

Learn how FFIT makes
Power Distribution and
Data Cabling

Faster. Cheaper. Greener.

Powerflor raised floor system for power distribution and data cabling for office and classroom work areas


Download and view this
pdf presentation about Powerflor Power Distribution & Data Cabling
and share it with collegues.

Raised Access Floor System for power distribution and data routing from server to office space


raised access computer cable management flor installs in hours, not days.

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Video Conferencing Furniture

Boomerang Logo for Video Conferencing Furniture

Video Conferencing Furniture, with built-in widescreen LCDs, put presentation data in view, dressing the backs of the monitors for the camera. LCDs may be folded down when not needed. Designed for camera optics in 2- or 3-camera telepresence configuration. Video conference tables feature genuine flipIT® products.

More Video Conferencing Furniture:

Right back at ya!
Video Conferencing Furniture Boomerang Video Conference Table

Boomerang 4™
Video Conferencing Furniture

with geometry for camera optics
and placement of screens and seats

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables not only have a sleek look in the room, they also compose the shot for the cameras and present data on screens in the ideal position for meeting users.

Presentation data appears on 16:9 20' displays with genuine flipIT® Widescreen Workstations. Screens flip up for instant use, and are just as quickly put away when not needed in the meeting.

Laptops may also be used with flipIT® Laptop Safes. When not needed, there is no fumbling around. Laptops are put away quickly and safely so they are out of the way, reducing visual clutter on camera.


Two screens, two cameras, four seats. Boomerang™ Video Conferencing Furniture lets the meeting begin without making people think about where to sit, where to look, and where to find their supporting presentation material.

Right back at ya!

Video Conference Tables
Look Airborne

Dressed for the camera, made for comfort.

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables look good from every angle. Modesty panels echo the shape of the top. The angled legs suspend the tops in a way that makes them look like they are flying. That open space serves the comfort of the users, too. There's nothing in the way. Let the video conference begin!

Video Conference furniture--Boomerang

Boomerang 6™
Video Conferencing Furniture

Three-camera, Three-Screen Telepresence:
The wide body design spreads its wings.

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables have modular design. The center section is set up as a comfortable 2-shot for the center camera. The design for the wing tips are the same as the Boomerang™ 4— each a 2-shot. The result is the telepresence configuration that give multi-sensory cues to make the participants feel that they are sharing the same space.

Boomerang 6 plan view video conference table

Three screens, three cameras, six seats. Boomerang™ Video Conferencing: an immersion telepresence experience. Feel like you can reach out and shake hands with the other side.

Boomerang Studio 6 Video Teleconferencing Table for Telepresence

From every angle…

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables
let you focus on communication.

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables solve the issue of putting presentation data in front of all participants in a way they are accustomed to viewing information. Your video performance is optimized for resolution and lossless frame rate. Your sound is processed for the most natural-sounding speech possible.

Now you can take full advantage of the technology and make the experience complete by placing screens in the users' spaces. Data does not require a high frame rate to present optimally. Using that feed for the PC screens is an ideal way to use the bandwidth. No sacrifice in quality. No compromise in comfort. No straining to see across the room to read a paragraph, see a photographic detail, or read a drawing or map.

Video Conferencr Table Boomerang--Right Back At Ya!

Open design
from the ground up

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables
never cramp your style.

Boomerang™ Video Conference Tables are visually pleasing, but form follows function in this carefully considered industrial design. The legs angled for stability and to stay out of the users' space. The modesty panels adding structural rigidity, while dressing the set for the cameras. Monitor screens are all but invisible when stored. When deployed, they position screens for easy viewing, yet do not obscure sight lines of cameras or other participants.

To get a proposal with quotation, use the Design Request online form. Be sure to give your room dimensions and any other physical specifications you may have determined, such as video screen sizes and PC or laptop screen sizes. We will develop a proposal, customized to your space, complete with floor plan—all without additional cost and with no obligation.

Download pdf brochure of Boomerang Studio

Click to download the pdf Brochure


Boomerang Video Conference Tables have great leg room!
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