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Train computer classroom desks
Train computer lab tables
Computer classrooms redefined. No limits on configuration. Train Computer Classroom Stations nest together in straight rows, curves, arcs,
U-shapes, spirals, clusters. They can be outfitted with comprehensive wire management, CPU holders, SMARTdesks laptop stations, or flipIT LCD stations. Finally, a computer lab solution that doesn't lock you in to one installed set-up!
Train Computer Desks

Create the flow!

Train's unique shape lets you couple desktops together at any angle. This lets you change your mind and make a new arrangement to suit your changing needs.

Computer Tables TRAIN
Train is typically outfitted with wire management to route power and data cables desk to desk and, as needed, to access floor. CPU hangers accommodate standard towers and small form factor CPUs (shown). Glides are standard and casters are optional.

Computer Tables TRAIN

Modesty panels complete the look and function for today's computer classroom. Leg design gives maximum leg room and CPUs are suspended outside the user space. flipIT® is shown closed for use with textbooks.

Train computer desktop in cherry

Shown with flipIT Generation II LCD Transformer. LCD rotates under desktop and keyboard tucks in to make a basic desktop for use with textbooks.
Computer Tables TRAIN


Curved rows give each student more space.

Not only that, curved rows and clusters give visibility between teacher and student, and among peers. This is important because studies have shown that students feel more empowered to try new activities involving computers if they can observe acceptance from peers and instructor. Fear of failure is reduced. The impact of arrangement on student success is clear. And the Train design adds excitement to the subject and respect for the technology.

Train computer lab tables set in tight arc for increased space and visibility

Train classroom computer lab tables set in gentle arc

Woodgrain Finishes

Thermofoil is long lasting and scratch resistant. The work surface is ideal for the classroom in every practical sense. Train's organic shape is enhanced by these natural-appearing woodgrains.

Woodgrain Finishes for Train
2021 Sakura Cherry Northern Contours
Sakura Cherry
2017 Sienna Wild Apple Northern Contours
Sienna Wild Apple
2010 Pearwood Northern Contours
2063 Maplewood Surf NorthernContours
Maplewood Surf

Solid Color Finishes

These solid neutrals are understated to color coordinate with any room. Long lasting and scratch resistant thermofoil is the practical choice.

Solid color Train finishes
6005 Shark Gray
Shark Gray
0140 Cinder Surf
Cinder Surf
0149 Graphite Surf
Graphite Surf
6006 Platinum 2 Surf Northern Contours
Platinum 2 Surf
0141 Cloud Surf Northern Contours
Cloud Surf
0152 Northern Gray Northern Contours
Northern Gray
0169 Storm Surf Northern Contours
Storm Surf

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Download pdf brochure for Train™

Download a pdf Brochure for Train™

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