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CompuLock Laptop Security Tether
FFIT Computer Floor
Pi Collaboration Tables
Exchange Collaboration Hexagon
Exchange Collaboration Pinwheel
Exchange Collaboration Triangle
flipIT Laptop Safe
flipIT Rimless Workstation
flipIT Workstation
iLid Computer Desks
Newpath Laptop Desks
Exchange assembly training
Nesta assembly training
METALdesks assembly training






iPad flipIT®

Better than an iPad Stand

Safety, security and multi-use flexibility for institutional iPads in the classroom. iPads are less likely to break when secured to the flipIT all-steel enclosure. Access to controls and FaceTime camera. Always connected to power. Landscape and portrait with screen angle adjustment. Hands-free opeation for keystrokes and gestures. No Home Button feature for use of one app in class. Installs in any desktop.




Laptop Security Tether

CompuLock is specialized for use with the flipIT Laptop Safe®. See how easy it is to install. Each is custom fitted to each laptop used. If a variety of laptop brands are to be used, adjustment may be necessary. The practical use for this product is to keep the same laptop tethered to the flipIT Laptop Safe, removing it only when necessary using the CompuLock key.

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FFIT Computer Floor

Designed as the most flexible solution for computer data cables and power to be routed from the facilities to the computer user. Move, add and change without specialized labor. Install UL Approved outlets everywhere you need them—without an electrician! This video shows the FFIT Computer Floor being installed in a historic building, where there was no need for demolition or invasive modifications to the structure in order to create a video teleconferencing center in a room that was built in 1889.

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Pi™ Collaboration Tables

These tables connect with a variable joining system that helps you create interactive shapes for collaboration. Work closely, give some privacy, be comfortable in your space. Interact with others. Be involved in the class. See everything that is offered. Be engaged. No limits to your imagination.

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Exchange Collaboration Hexagon

Work together around a form that puts each player on equal ground, yet creates a flow. The exchange elements introduce diagonal lines that make the stable hexagon shape more friendly. All the advantages of the "round table," but all the better for building consensus.

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Exchange Collaboration Pinwheel

Each space is a little office. The return becomes a conference table between two people. More can be invited in. Screens are angled such that there is data privacy. A simple change in body position invites anyone nearby to be included in the collaboration team.

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Exchange Collaboration Triangle

This shape is for "joiners." Groups naturally form around the corners. Teams of two are placed side-by-side. A shift in body position creates privacy when needed, but peronal space is easily opened up for positive communication flow.

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PDF Assembly Instructions



Exchange Assembly Instructions

Fast track training for assembling exchange with rimless flipIT®. Lets you see how to make adjustments to the rimless flipIT® for ideal performance. Running time: 13 minutes.

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Nesta Assembly Instructions

Fast track training for assembling How to assemble Nesta flip top tables with DaisyLink modular wiring.
Run time: 5 min.

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flipIT Laptop Safe®

The multi-use desktop essential for use with laptops. The patented flipIT Laptop Safe® brings security, connectivity, and flexibility to the laptop classroom.

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flipIT ® Rimless Workstation

Now available for exchange™

Not sold as a kit, the specialized geometry of the desktop and lid allow a small, uniform seam for an enhanced fit and finish. Enjoy the performance of the genuine, patented flipIT® with its native, factory fit as only SMARTdesks can deliver.


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flipIT® Multi-Use Workstations

The genuine, patented flipIT®, available as a kit, makes any desktop a multi-use workstation. The industry standard, the original flipIT®.

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iLid™ Computer Desks

A multi-use desk that works like a opening a laptop. Supurb ease of use with SMARTdesks engineered, smooth operation.

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Newpath™ Laptop Desks

A small footprint, but room for adult-sized people to work side-by-side in class. The desktop instantly converts to a standard top for use with textbooks. The laptop parks in the flipIT Laptop Safe®, connected to power and data for continual charging. AC power and USB power are provided for each user. Large capacity wire management channels are also provided. Beautiful lines, comfortable spaces.


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flipIT METALdesks Assembly

Assembly of single METALdesks. Double follows the same approach. Run time: approx. 8 minutes

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