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flipIT Widescreen Computer Desks

flipIT for WIDESCREEN Computer Desks and Laptop Tables:
Widescreen flat panel displays are now becoming the computer display of choice for business and education. The wide aspect ratio of DVD entertainment media is driving the preference for both widescreen computer displays and widescreen laptops. The need for classroom computer security, multi-use functionality, ergonomics, and clear sight lines in computer classrooms led us to develop widescreen solutions using flipIT, the patented standard for flip top computer desks in the classroom and conference room.

Open Wide Widescreeen Computer Desks

flipIT Widescreen Computer Desk

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US Patent 7,784,412

flipIT Widescreen Lapop Safe

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US Patent No. 7,757,612

Now that widescreens are becoming affordable for the classroom, flipIT® makes it practical to integrate them into the computer desks and computer tables. The wire management is accessible, but out of sight. The widescreen is in full view of the user, but so is the teacher, and so are the other visual displays around the classroom.

When the focus shifts from personal computer to text books and note books, the widescreen folds down under the table top and the keyboard tray retracts. The computer is completely under control. An optional keyed locking system is available so the classroom can take a rotation of students who do not need to use the computers. This is a feature used by media centers and testing rooms.

The idea of being able to provide an additional layer of data security with flipIT® is appealing to healthcare industry in meeting HIPAA patient data confidentiality compliance. Government agencies also demand this extra layer of security in their team computing applications, command centers, rapid response centers, and conference rooms.

The widescreen is the latest standard for communication. Laptops are getting wider, too, because DVDs and educational media are being produced in 16:9 aspect ratio. Laptops are increasingly used in the classroom and presentation room to communicate through a more engaging visual production value.

The flipIT® FIL-23 Laptop Safe is now extra wide to make room for side connections and wider screens. The pass-through back panel design permits power and data cords to remain connected even when the safe is closed and locked. When open, the flipIT door is low profile, so no visual obstructions are created betweeen the people in the room.

The flipIT® Laptop Safe replaces the need for separate charging carts and saves class time wasted distributing laptops. When installed in podiums, the presenter can preflight the show, then put the laptop to sleep, safely under lock and key, and take a break. The show is ready to start in seconds. Installed in conference tables, laptops can easily dock, and can be conveniently stored when breaks are taken.

flipIT Widescreen ccomputer desk G4 connected to power in flipIT Laptop Safe


  The flipIT Widescreen is now available as an option with HorizonLine Computer Tables, Pi™ Collaboration Tables, FI Series Computer Desks and for configurations of PIANO, Piatto, and TRIAD Computer Conference Tables. It is probably best to request a proposal through the Design Center Classroom or Conference Room online forms so you can see a drawing with your proposal.

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