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SMARTdesks Computer Classroom Desks

Ergonomic Computer Classroom Desks for LCD Computer Monitors, CRTs, and Laptop Computer Classrooms, featuring Laptop Safes, and LCD Locking Security.

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Laptop Desks with Power/Data Port

Select your computer desks based on monitor placement for your LCDs or Laptops:

Computers with LCD displays can be installed in classroom computer desks in several ways to achieve the best balance between teacher-student interaction and ergonomic user-equipment interface.

Determining the best computer monitor location should be based upon teaching methods, curriculum requirements and the advantages and drawbacks of each configuration in meeting these criteria.

SMARTdesks computer training workstations, desks and tables are manufactured in all configurations:
  • Semi-Recessed CRT and LCD
  • Sub-Surface CRT and LCD monitor
  • LCD monitor Arm
  • Desktop CRT, LCD and Laptop

    Because - in some educational circumstances - the computer is:
  • the focus of instruction
  • used for research, not instruction
  • the instruction itself
  • used for self-directed CBT
  • used for independent study

      Semi-Recessed Desks position the monitor just below the users horizon line, protects equipment, conceals cables and permits an unobstructed line-of-sight plus ideal user ergonomics for the classroom
      Sub-Surface Desks place the monitor under a glass window allowing the Worksurface to be used for writing and textbook based learning when the computer is not in use, protects equipment and cables and maintains line-of-sight
      Desktop monitor workstations hold all monitors and laptop computers. The screen is visible to student and instructor and convenient for shared computing where line-of-sight, equipment security and cable protection are not at issue
      LCD Monitor Arms on classroom computer desks support a highly adjustable view of the screen for both students and teacher, but obstruct line-of-sight and provide little protection for the monitor and cables
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