Active Learning & Collaborative Space Design



It’s one thing to get some new computer desks and tables. It’s another thing entirely to understand how all the components fit together to offer a truly upgraded educational environment. SMARTdesks has a wealth of experience to offer. In business since 1997, we’ve worked with K12 schools, universities, and private sector organizations of all sizes, giving us a level of industry expertise that can’t be matched. We can work with your IT and training departments to transform your space into a place where powerful educational experiences can occur.

Active Learning Space Design

Active learning requires students to periodically engage group activities such as analysis, discussion and research. Because of this and the expectation of access to technology, specialized furniture is generally needed. But organizations looking to offer a better active learning experience to their students and trainees quickly discover that they have to think about the space in general. How much square footage do they have to work with? What kinds of technological limitations are in place in the structure?

To address the unique needs of active learning educators, SMARTdesks provides design services alongside our lineup of innovative technology furniture. We will evaluate your space and classroom needs to identify the optimal layout and combination of products to best suit your particular requirements.

Designing Collaborative Learning Spaces

As collaborative learning gains popularity in K12, universities and in the private sector, organizations learn that the right environment is critical for collaborative learning to take place successfully.

SMARTdesks can provide you with both the furniture and design services to help you create the space your educators need. Our innovative furniture solutions and decades of experience allow us to design a collaborative learning space where groups will want to meet. We help your IT staff and educators think through the hard questions, from technology requirements to educational outcomes, to help you develop a first-class collaborative learning experience customized to your specific needs.

Conference Room Design

In business since 1997, SMARTdesks is an industry leader in innovative, quality technology furniture solutions for K12 schools, universities and the private sector. We carry a wide range of products, including seating, collaborative furniture and computer lab desks, to help you provide a quality learning environment for your users customized around your space and requirements.

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