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How to use this web site

This web site is a communication tool, and you can use it on many levels. The top navigation bar has drop-down menus to help take you to various information resources.

When you use iQuote, your information is for our internal purposes only to better communicate with you. We do not sell your information to e-mail marketers. We keep it strictly confidential.

Design services are offered at no additional cost. Requesting a quote or design services does not obligate you to purchase. The quote you received does not commit you to purchase. Once you approve the quote, we follow your entity's purchasing protocol by fax or email communication.

What is iQuote?

Interactive Quote: This area lets you specify product on this site and submit it to us so we can prepare a quotation you can use in your purchasing process.

We require you to identify what entity you are purchasing for so we can apply the appropriate pricing schedule for commercial buyers, educational buyers, government buyers, or VARs. We ask about shipping and delivery so we can prepare a complete quotation with all of the extras included.

Using iQuote does not initiate a purchase, nor does it obligate you in any way to purchase. Your iQuote Request enables us to clearly define and communicate your project scope. It presents you with a cost figure for budgeting for your procurement process. It enables us to quickly transmit your project specifications to manufacturing in such a way that nothing is likely to fall through the cracks.

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Using SMARTdesks
Free Design Services

You can begin the process by using iQuote or by using our Contact form. This will initiate a response from our Design and Sales Team. Our people are experienced in the codes and space requirements for classroom planning. We also respond to your needs, both as an Educator and IT Specialist, responding to the technical requirements to support your technology with the proper choice of furniture and its configuration to support your teaching style.

Our goal is to help you identify exactly what you need. No more, no less. The only way we can manufacture each classroom to designed specifications is to define the specifications. In the process, you have virtually unlimited options for colors, finishes, ergonomic accessories.

The fact is, once you go through this process using our free design services, you'll find that no other company is set up to provide you with our level of customization and value. Our goal is to earn your business by providing you with a superior product at a value price.

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What if I want to
use my Credit Card and buy something today?

It is possible, but not on this web site. The majority of our customers make their purchases through corporate, institutional or government procurement channels. If your preferred method of payment is Credit Card, we can make that transaction by fax and phone.

To place an order, first send us an iQuote Request. We will respond with a complete purchase price proposal by fax or e-mail (your preferred method). This proposal will include a form ready for your signature that you will fax back to us to make your credit card purchase. Safe and secure.

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