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FFIT Computer Floor
  • SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor installs in a day.
    FFITfloor Computer Floor | Raised Access Floor Power and Data Cable Management Solution

    This low profile raised access floor system places power, AV and data anywhere: A comprehensive, flexible cable management system you can move as easily as the furniture.

    Union County College, Cranford, NJ chose SMARTdesks and FFIT Computer Floor because it was the best solution for their classroom and their facilities budget. In one day, a crew of two set the power and data for 24 duplex outlets (each) in a 680 square foot classroom. The wiring neatly routed under a continuous, beautifully carpeted system that can be rearranged as needed to serve the flexible furniture arrangement. UL Certified power outlets required no electrician, except for installing the whip into the service panel.
  • SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor installed
    Get wired without an electrician!

    Install UL Approved Power Cable and Outlets at a fraction of the cost.

    The SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor - Raised Access Floor System provides the missing link in power-data-AV integration, in conjunction with SMARTdesks furniture, which is designed as an extension of the technology user interface.

    The FFIT Computer Floor solution eliminates waste and promotes green building practices. Computer floor allows changes to be made in minutes without involving trades.
  • installing cat6 ethernet data cables to FFIT computer floor component
    Data and Power routed from the server and facility, served to the user in the space.

    SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor provides power and data required to each individual in your technology training environment. It integrates these elements into a floor structure that provides full access, is completely re-configurable, and you can even move it to a new room. All of these elements are provided as pre-manufactured modular components.

  • Specialized labor not required for installation

    IT integrators can now route cable, or update to larger capacity cable, installing in new locations. The SMARTdesks FFIT Computer Floor access floor system performs as advertised: fast installation, no laser leveling required, plug and play UL approved power cabling, no specialized installation labor.

    The floor and the furniture could be arranged to arrive on the same truck. The same installation team can be used for the floor and the furniture. The electrician can be scheduled to install the power whip into the service box at the customer’s convenience. The IT installs the data cables in the server. SMARTdesks® takes the responsibility of guaranteeing that the power and data is located to serve the technology in the SMARTdesks® furniture.
  • SMARTdesks FFIT raised access computer floor plans and installation
    Plan the work. Work the plan.

    Get Started with a quick estimate.

    Furniture + Floor Integration Technology (FFIT) is planned from the furniture arrangement to the outlet placement in the floor. The SMARTdesks furniture space planning is approved, a floor plan is generated, and then the FFIT Floor is superimposed on its own overlay.

    A tight quote is generated that closely conforms to the budget estimate, and a drawing with detailed list of components is made, along with plans for the ADA compliant ramps and railings. All proposed features are made to order and shipped ready to install. Installation for a typical room is a full day.

    Start with some information. It's free and without risk. Click the button under the logo and request a design estimate for FFIT. You will need to know the size of the room, number of entrances, number of power outlets, number of data outlets. That's it.
  • flipIT laptop Safe installed in SMARTdesks horizonLine Tables in Active Learning Classroom with engaged students.
    Active Learning: What it's all about...

    All this focus on the power and data cables under floor is to support what goes on in class. These students are engaged, using a multi-use lapop containment and security appliance we call the flipIT Laptop Safe®. This lets the technology come out to play, then it quickly, quietly and safely stows the school laptops, still connected to power and data. These are charging cabinets at the point of use. The screens are fully visible, but the low profile lids do not make visual obstructions in the classroom.

    FlipIT Laptop Safes® are factory installed in SMARTdesks HorizonLine Tables. Our Design Team can help you work out the space planning for your technology requirements. We cover every detail and leave nothing to chance.

FFIT Computer Floor | Raised Access Floor

SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor provides the basic power and data connectivity elements required to complete your active learning classroom, or any techniucal training or conference space. It integrates these elements into a floor structure providing a fully accessible, completely re-configurable, and totally re-usable cabling infra-structure. All of these elements are provided as pre-manufactured components applied modularly.

SMARTdesks® FFIT Floor makes possible a coordinated plan for the entire architectural space. Using SMARTdesks® Design Services, provided at no cost or obligation to the customer, furniture is specified and floor plan arrangements are developed for the customer or architect. use the button under the logo to request design servies.

Based on the area of the space, the number of power and data outlets and the number of entrances, a budget for the computer floor is developed. Upon acceptance, the room arrangement is overlaid with a tile-by-tile FFIT floor plan, complete with wiring scheme and placement of outlets for the furniture in the space. ADA compliant ramps are included and powder-coated steel railings are designed and fabricated custom for each installation.

Big Benefits

  • Saves money & time
  • Installs in hours, not days
  • Specialized labor not required for installation
  • Easily coordinates with other trades
  • Not a part of the building, depreciates like furniture
  • FFIT is GREEN: Reusable! Accommodate move, add, change and churn without waste
  • Put power and data anywhere
  • Relocate power and data any time
  • Move the floor system to another room or building
  • Reuse and re-arrange as you would the furniture


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