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Conference Rooms

Many organizations quickly learn that teams need a lot more than just a room - they need an environment. That means being able to work in a place that fosters communication, learning from one another, exchanging and building on ideas. And these days, users expect access to the right technology, such as multimedia and internet connectivity.

To customize a space into the right kind of environment, proper furniture is key. In business since 1997, SMARTdesks has been a leading manufacturer of innovative conference room furniture and accessories. Our product line can allow you provide your users with a modern conference room experience that will help bring meetings and collaborations to the next level.

Conference Room Computer Furniture

The computer conference room table is a SMARTdesks original. Our initial design used CRT monitors built into the desktop with a pane of glass on top, providing users with line of sight to the monitor but a clear desktop surface on which to work.

As computer technology has evolved, so have our designs. SMARTdesks offers the patented flipIT® mounting system for flexible access to flat screen monitors and notebook computers. Your team members can get to a computer when they need it, and get it out of the way when they don’t. And SMARTdesks conference room tables feature fully integrated power and data connectivity, to keep cable management simple.

Smart Conference Tables

SMARTdesks is also the originator of the Piano Conference Table. Built to be tightly integrated with technology, this unit is built to be used alongside other digital technology such as multimedia presentation screens and teleconferencing cameras.

With a range of features available, including a range of finish and trim options, SMARTdesks conference tables are built for maximum form and sophisticated function.

SMARTdesks offers a complete range of technology furniture products. From seating to computer lab desks to collaboration tables, we can transform your space into an environment that will foster collaboration and creativity.

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