Classroom Computer Tables and Workstations


Computer Tables

In business since 1997, SMARTdesks is a leading source for innovative, high-quality computer tables for use in K12 schools, colleges and universities. We understand how the right technology furniture solution can transform a space for effective instruction. We’ve developed a wide array of computer table products that can be customized for your particular requirements.

Classroom Computer Workstations

The modern classroom requires a high level of versatility, ranging from individual work, team collaboration and computer access. SMARTdesks has responded with highly flexible, customizable classroom computer tables:

  • Our array of school computer tables has power and data connectivity integrated from the factory.
  • Technology access on your student’s terms. Our patented iLid® computer table allows students to access the computer when they it, and keep it out of the way when they don’t.
  • Don’t sweat security. Our patented FlipIT® Laptop Safe will allow you to offer notebook computer access to your students while keeping expensive hardware from walking out the door.
  • Help your student teams succeed with the right seating arrangement. Our array of classroom collaboration tables can empower your student groups to meet and excel.

With two decades of experience as a technology furniture manufacturer, we have seen numerous changes in education, from technology to instructional techniques. As active learning and collaborative learning principles have moved to the forefront of education, our solutions have evolved to keep up with these changes. And we offer countless customizations to our product line to deliver a complete solution that fits your unique space and requirements.

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