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Cirrus Lift Roller Two Sit/Stand Table

Cognac Birdseye LAM-N#W8348V | Cove flush mount power USB charging port

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Cirrus Lift Roller Two Sit/Stand Table


German precision engineered hydraulic lift supports the static load of the table top and your computer equipment. Grasping the adjustment lever engages the lift, which assists in lifting or lowering the computer workstation like power steering. A 60-pound load feels like 10.

Move your top from 28 inches to almost 48 - and stop anywhere that makes you comfortable sitting or standing. The dual column design is for larger tabletops and supports loads up to 89 pounds.


Supports table top sizes 24” x 48” (minimum) to 36” x 72” (maximum) with base height range 27.25” to 46.75” for sit to stand, stepless adjustable height, telescoping columns.

Base specifications:

  • Infinite stop positions
  • Base height range: 19.5” (from 27.25” to 46.75”)
  • Lift capacity:
    - standard 26 to 66 pounds static load
    - premium 49 to 89 pounds static load
  • Top sizes and materials:
    Depth 26”
    Width 60” | 66” | 72”
  • Laminate top with PVC edge trim
  • Customizable with power and data options for user convenience
All finishes offered in the links below are part of the product standard pricing. When submitting your request for MY QUOTE please indicate in the Comments field the finishes under consideration. Smartdesks will provide pricing by request for Formica, Pionite and Wilson Art Laminate finishes not found on the Finishes Link.

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