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What makes a smart desk, smart?

What makes a smart desk, smart? Similar to a smartphone, a smart desk combines an everyday necessity with the latest technology. A smart desk is designed to ergonomically house computer technology, network connectivity, power and data distribution, and cable management in order to create a space that sustains communication and individual focus. In a platform of regularly many asynchronous parts, a smart desk incorporates technology, functionality, and usability into one elegant product.

A smart desk from SMARTdesks® is made to order according to your needs. If one needs an all-in-one smart desk, a classroom of smart desks, or an office space set up that promotes increased workflow productivity, SMARTdesks® has a solution to fit the need.

The rapid pace of technological change is continually broadening the functionality of the smart desk. A commitment to progress and originality keeps our smart desk on the cutting edge of the work-space environment. User-friendly, innovative, effective interactive efficiency defines what makes a smart desk "smart".

Collaboration Tables and Active Learning

Since 1997, SMARTdesks® has provided premium custom technology furniture and design services for K12, university and corporate education. Our highly flexible, customizable solutions have been used across America by organizations ranging from small community colleges to Fortune 500 corporations.

Over the years, SMARTdesks® solutions have evolved in their sophistication, integrating the latest digital display and data technology. Our patented flipITⓇ monitor mount and laptop security systems allow for maximum flexibility with computer desks, work-spaces and even conference tables. SMARTdesks® was the originator of the Piano Computer Conference Table, which allows for technology-driven group collaboration.

SMARTdesks® is passionate about active learning applications and environments. With your space dimensions and requirements in hand, we can develop a computer furniture solution within your budget that will empower you to offer a first-class active learning space for collaborative learning and technology-driven instruction.